With a process and a project like Imagine Durant, collective impact calls forth civic engagement in the present. But it also calls for a picture of a longer-term impact.

The Integral City Book 1 is dedicated to the 7th generation from now – a horizon line adapted from the First Nations peoples who invoke this consideration when making any decisions – how will the consequences of our actions impact 7 generations hence?

Imagine Durant set a more modest horizon line to plan forward – and realize the values they have discovered and wish to build on. Imagine Durant’s Value Realization time line reaches out for 30 years.

Even 30 years of imagined change requires some critical “pivots” from how the city currently is configured. The key pivots that have come up for discussion include:

  • Transforming a park on the northwest edge of town into “Central Park”
  • Developing new housing in current brownfields to meet the workforce housing demands of the thriving economy
  • Converting brownfield/waste land into an Eco-Park – with connections to watersheds and swales
  • Redrawing the city boundaries to align with expanded school district boundaries.

Each of these pivots demands foresight, commitment and inspiration from a unified vision to energize and release the resources of space, time and people for the next generation. But without a Vision, the people perish – and Imagine Durant is keeping Vision, People and Strategy alive.