The Master Code of CARE that lies at the heart of Integral City evolution arises from the Living Systems Principles shared by evolution biologist Elisabet Sahtouris.

The paradox in Elisabet’s Principles is that they are not only biological, but are founded in the assumption that the universe is conscious. That means that the Living Systems Principles derive both from biology and consciousness. Furthermore, the potent combination calls forth and co-creates the collective capacities of systems and culture. Thus, we reveal the realities underlying the 4 Quadrant framework of Integral City (often called bio-psycho-social-cultural).

As noted in our earlier blog, the Living Systems Principles recognize the holarchic nature of the different holons embedded in a system. In human systems, they include not only individual holons, but also the social holons, that embrace all the collectives that co-exist in the city at different scales.

The Integral City Master Code is a synthesis of all the Living System Principles into 4 key injunctions:

  • Care for your SELF (so that you can)

  • Care for OTHERS (so that all of us can)

  • Care for our PLACES (so that together we can)

  • Care for our PLANET.

Each of the Principles of Living Systems when applied at the scale of the city, appears to embrace all 4 statements of the Master Code. And we propose, even that the Integral City Master Code calls forth a 4-part practise that is essentially spiritual.

Moreover, practising all 4 parts simultaneously has become possible to accomplish for the first time in history because of the stage of evolution human systems have emerged in communities, organizations, technology and communication. That means that each level of CARE builds the Context and Capacity to enable CARE at the next scale.

If we want to know how to practise the CARE that we seek to live with this Master Code, we need only pay attention to the Principles of Living Systems. They provide us both the course for life to follow, and the directions for “course correction”.