Guest Blogger: Beth Sanders

My two teenagers and I just had a wonderful 7263km trip across Canada (and northern USA) to Toronto and back to Edmonton. My daughter is super excited about being in her new city of Toronto where she is entering first year university.

My son [who was our fearless navigator] and I enjoyed our time heading home without her, then spending the last few days making our selves at home without her.

We undertook a teardrop shaped loop – check it out on the map. When I look at it this way, it was quite a trip – quite stunning. (As we did this, I kept thinking of the sheer determination that colonial and Canadian/colonial governments had to pursue the residential school system before cars. Wow. This is a vast land.)

I had the opportunity to visit cities I have heard of all my life, small and large, and see where they are situated. We circumnavigated four of the great lakes, touched all five. Slept under the stars. Watched a couple of baseball games, saw a great Broadway show, visited with some distant family. Noted the places of expanse of the residential school system in Canada (it was done with great determination to cover this great amount of land). Had wonderful chitchats and snuggles in the tent.

As I head to new cities in Europe again later this month, on another continent, I will go with the spirit of the intrepid explorer, an unusual tourist. As a quester in the wilderness on this Planet of Cities.

The cities along our route, were a veritable constellation of large and small settlements, that we came in contact with. Here’s the list!!!! that we [stamped in our mental passport] along the way: