Guest Blogger: Cherie Beck

Wow.   Thanks [Anonymous].  Your writing and inquiry has been calling to me … As you express “place” as the city, the city expresses itself (through me) as “place” via an impulse of human will to which I respond with Yes.

What comes up in me, as we notice and acknowledge the city, the city notices and acknowledges us. The concept of relationship steps forward as an important aspect of developing as city-zens. Our relationship with place is as fundamental as relationship with mothers and fathers, husbands and wives, friends and foes. Like all relationship is integral with the self and in this moment, my understanding and awareness of the concept of “integral” expands.

What a gift.  Thank you.

Secondarily, I acknowledge that notion and identification of location is critical.  We have maps, symbols, language, resources which help locate ourselves IN the city, and a few for locations ON and AS the city (obviously Integral City frameworks point in this direction).

Lastly, I notice the tagging of conscious business as one of the primary spaces of Ellen’s Lifemap technology.  What I am most curious about is the re-engineering of society where such vocation is lived consciously as work/contribution to the I/We/It of the human hive, where business is only one possibility, one structure. Where “jobs” are created, expressed and returned in terms of functions, needs/desires and location of our relationship with place.