Workshop Tarragona, Catalonya

20-21 November 2017

New leaderships for what and how

We live in times of accelerated change and increasing complexity that challenge us to develop new individual and collective abilities if we want to become real builders of a better future for a thriving, sustainable and harmonious world.

We are in a transition that urgently needs evolved leaderships based on new ways of being, thinking and acting together to realize all our potential.

The good news is that we can develop such leadership capacities if we learn:
 What are the principles and essential practices to lead complex systems?
 How can we develop the ability and wisdom to navigate in uncertain times?
 What is needed to activate the collective leadership of a community/org.?
 Which methodologies allow us to co-create together the future we want?
 How can we inspire and model change from our experience and example?

Who is it for?

This Workshop is aimed at all people who have, or want to have, evolved leadership roles in organizations and communities of all kinds: social, business, public, academic or third sector. It’s for those that want to make a difference.

Download Brochure with Details on Location and Registration here:

20-21 NOV Workshop Leadership (2)

Who are Our Guides?

You will be able to discover and experience the capabilities that the new leadership demands from Marilyn Hamilton (Canada) and George Pór (UK), top-level international experts on evolutionary change, renowned leadership, transformation of complex systems, evolved organizations and collective intelligence.
Marilyn and George, Hub Coevolució collaborators, will be accompanied by Gonzalo Miguez, member of the Hub’s core group, an expert in individual and collective learning environments.

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