Integral City Meta Blog 2017

Here is the Integral City 2016 Meta Blog. It connects the 4 Voices of the Integral City to the Planet, People, Place and Power that energized us in 2017.

It follows the traditions of:

Integral City Meta Blog 2016

Integral City Meta Blog 2015

Integral City Meta Blog 2014

Integral City Meta Blog 2013

1. Equinox/Solstice Newsletters – Integral City Reflective Organ

Integral City Reflective Organ – April 2017: Prototypes for a Planet of Integral Cities

Integral City Reflective Organ – June Solstice 2017: Optimizing Collective Intelligence, Inquiry & Impact

Integral City Reflective Organ – September Equinox 2017: Architecting Around Crisis & Sustainability to Aliveness in the Human Hive

Integral City Reflective Organ – Winter 2017: Power to Move

2. Cities of the Year 2017: 3 Russian City Associations

Read the Cities of the Year 2017 blog here.

3. Meshworkers of the Year 2017:Hub CoEvolucio, Reus, Catalonia, Spain

Read the full story of Meshworkers of the Year 2017 here.

4. Integral City Series Book 2 Released: Integral City Inquiry & Action: Designing Impact for the Human Hive 

 Urban planners get new tool for building sustainable, smart cities

Integral City, Climate Change Inquiry, Action & Impact

5. Tamarack’s Collective Impact 3.0 Conference: Integral City Placecaring & Placemaking Tools for the Human Hive

Imagine Durant Impact Models Placecaring & Placemaking in the Human Hive

Integral City Tools Connect Outer Space to Inner Space

What is Your Role in the Human Hive?

Collective Change:  Roles of AQtivator & Integrator

Integral City Designs for Collective Impact

Stories Bring Collective Impact Alive: Create an Outcome Feedback Loop

Collective Impact is Inspired by Early Win like Nowa Oka Trail

Collective Impact Calls Forth Long Term Horizons

Collective Impact Aligns Strategic Planning with Placecaring & Placemaking KSF’s

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About the Author:

HI I am the Founder of Integral City Meshworks Inc. and Chief Blogger. Working with cities and eco-regions, I ‘meshwork’ or weave people, purpose, priorities, profits, programs and processes to align contexts, grow capacity and develop strategies for sustainability and resilience in the Integral City. You can read more details about me here http://integralcity.com/about/about-the-founder/

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