To move is to act. In response to a stimulus. Or in response to an intention.

My moving here to Findhorn, Scotland has been for many of my friends and acquaintances a conundrum. They could not easily understand why I would move away from the comforts of home and all things familiar.

But for the adventurous spirit in me, perhaps that predictability of my life was the very stimulus to move? I couldn’t feel aligned with the energies of stability, certainty and the known. I have always been attracted to change, surprise and stepping outside the boundaries of the familiar world.

My inspiration for this move certainly came from honouring the adventure in another’s spirit – namely, my husband’s desire to “play” the 18th hole of Royal Dornoch Golf Course one more time. Without listening to that sacred request that moved me across the world, I would not have been present to the 2nd whisper that asked, “what if you lived here?” Was the implication of that question to be near the place of Peter’s deepest desires, or to be close by in Findhorn, where my own soul work (of waking up the human hive as Gaia’s Reflective Organ) awaits its next phase? Or maybe it was both?

At the moment, I don’t yet know. But the move has given me a new appreciation that adventure for me can lie in the conditions that many others in the world shun or attempt to quell – namely, the impact of VUCA that engulfs us everywhere – Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity.

When you consider the influence of VUCA on an adventurous spirit like mine, then you can see it as a positive impact for moving. One to be enjoyed and not dreaded.