Much of my academic interests and Integral City work has involved the principles of Action Learning (Action Inquiry, Action Research).

So, with this life-move from Canada to Scotland, I am naturally curious how those principles apply to my situation.

As I have written previously, Be Still, Be Moved, Repeat is a life-practice model that has simplicity embedded in its complexity.

Maybe it is also possible to take this “short cycle” and think of it in terms of Action Learning?

On the entry of part 1 (What?), the Be Still could include observing and planning. The 2nd part (So What?) of Be Moved could include Acting and Applying.

Then a repeat of Be Still (Now What?) could include Reflection and Debriefing.

And the repeat of Be Moved could be to move to the next cycle of the Action Learning model seeking greater depths of What/So What/Now What.

That would look like this for me:

What happened? Consider the sacred experience of scattering ashes and hearing the “what if you lived here?” message; check out the options.

So What? Act on the options. Dispose of Possessions. Find a place to stay to check out new territory. Buy a plane ticket. Fly there.

Now What? Settle in. Test assumptions. Make new relationships. Seek opportunities to manifest Soul work. Reflect. Debrief.


Yes, moving is an Action Learning experience, if I remain awake to the stages of What/So What/Now What. And remember that they are intimately tied to the sacred practice of Be Still. Be Moved. Repeat.

In fact, it is the message I sang at Taizé singing this morning, shared by Findhorn Co-Founder Eileen Caddy: Be Still, And Know, that I AM God.