For those of us who pride ourselves on being effective change agents, movability is assumed to be easily attainable.

But the ability to move can demand more that we may contemplate until we are in the midst of the move itself. Then I might hear myself saying, “I never realized moving would involve THIS!!”

A good case in point is my recent move from Abbotsford Canada to Findhorn Scotland.

I moved FROM a small wealthy city in a rich agriculture zone on the 49th parallel, in a temperate climate in Canada.

I moved TO a small sustainable eco-village in the dunes of the northern sea on the 59th parallel, in a northern climate in Scotland.

How do I negotiate the move FROM comfort and ease TO sustainability challenges on a remote Scottish peninsula?

The first and core ability that enabled the move came from my commitment to purpose: “As a whole hearted and holy hearted fully conscious human being”, I was prepared to be obedient to spiritual guidance that called for the move. So, the ability to say Yes, came from an inner conviction. I had the added incentive derived from my radical optimism to expect that I could “joyfully and creatively wake up the human hive as Gaia’s Reflective Organ” more effectively when located in Findhorn than in Abbotsford.

The second ability that enabled such a radical move arose from my newly independent life as a single woman (widow) with relatively good health (albeit commencing my 7th decade). With no direct dependents, I am free to make decisions that entail some risk that others might not be able to tolerate.

The third enabler arose from the cultural and historical relationship between Canada and Scotland. In fact, closer to home, I had in my own family provenance, two grand parents born in the UK (including one in Scotland). Thus, I had ancestor roots that entitled me to make the move if I were willing to pay into the visa and health service agreements to enable a social services bridge between the two countries.

The fourth factor that enabled move-ability was the two countries that I wished to bridge, were both democracies that permitted me the freedom to move. They had the systems in place that allowed for transport, housing marketability (to sell existing accommodations in Canada and locate new ones in Scotland) and financial portability (for currency conversions and wealth management).

If I consider only these four factors, I can see that the ability to move could have been seriously undermined if any one of them were not in place. Given that all four factors are actively supporting me, I can appreciate that move-ability has been marked by ease that would not be available to others without such strong co-existing enablers in place.

I stand both seriously amazed and deeply grateful that my ability to make this major move has been marked by blessings arising from the four realities of awareness, behaviours, cultures and systems.