The Teal Track of the IEC2018, sponsored by Enlivening Edge ran every day of the conference.  It offered rich, varied and cross disciplinary explorations of how the organizations have been reinventing structures, intentions, leadership and collaborations.

One plenary facilitated by George Por (Co-Founder of Enlivening Edge and Aftab Omer, Founder of Meridian University) explored Transformative Communities of Practise (TCOPs).

George differentiated between Transformative vs Transformational Communities of Practice. He suggested the Transformative implied a vertical developmental direction for the COP, while Transformational implied a horizontal relationship orientation.

They asked why a TCOP could translate evolutionary friendship into shared purpose that was greater than the parties involved.

They visualized a TCOP expedition that could stretch the members personal and shared experience into a multi-dimensional human system.

Aftab asked How? (could you do this?) Answer: Practise.

How do you Practise? Practise.

How? Practise. How? Practise. How? Practise. … became the mantra of this TCOP association as it lived in the mystery at the edge of evolution.

A footnote for Integral Cities became the question: How can TCOP’s attract enough individuals and organizations to produce the “10% tipping point” of change in a system like a city? We have agreed to continue this exploration and see where the intersection points of Integral City interests coincide with the emergence of TCOPS in particular city locations.