The Shoes at the Door of Evolution

Ecstatic Dancing was featured in the second evening at IEC2018. What happened in ecstasy behind the door was counterpointed by the trail of shoes left behind in the hall.

When you look at the shoes, what paths can you see? What preferences have been chosen? What talks have been walked?

How do Allies of Evolution celebrate their relationships? Energize We-Space? Prime the Field for Change?

Bare feet. Bare souls. Multiple generations. Shared worldviews. Evolutionary ecstasy. Remind the world of the challenges and celebrations of waking up.

Perhaps, the State of Shared Ecstasy is a necessary springboard of Awakening into the Stages of Growing Up and the Practices of Cleaning Up?

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HI I am the Founder of Integral City Meshworks Inc. and Chief Blogger. Working with cities and eco-regions, I ‘meshwork’ or weave people, purpose, priorities, profits, programs and processes to align contexts, grow capacity and develop strategies for sustainability and resilience in the Integral City. You can read more details about me here http://integralcity.com/about/about-the-founder/

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