Integral City Talks on IDA Radio, Tallinn Estonia

In July 2018 Marilyn Hamilton visited Tallinn, Estonia. Marilyn talks with Estonian urban activist and imagineer, Teele Pehk about the roots and branches of Integral City. They have a lively discussion about the following topics.

  • How she has developed her ideas from a small city in Canada near Vancouver; along with Seattle, Portland and San Francisco.
  • How the Baltic cities are waking up to interest in bringing consciousness and culture to their efforts with Smart Cities and Resilient Cities.
  • Why Integral City bases its assumptions about cities on James Lovelock’s Gaia hypothesis – that the earth is a living ecosystem.
  • How Russian monocities are recalibrating themselves to be Living Cities using the 4+1 Voices.
  • How Russian Living Cities plan to change 1000 cities by 2035.
  • How Eindhoven, NL recreated itself from a manufacturing city to a Design City.
  • How to gain traction for implementing SDG’s in cities.
  • The importance of learning the biomimicry lessons from bees.

To listen to the complete recording of the conversation: Click here.

About the Author:

HI I am the Founder of Integral City Meshworks Inc. and Chief Blogger. Working with cities and eco-regions, I ‘meshwork’ or weave people, purpose, priorities, profits, programs and processes to align contexts, grow capacity and develop strategies for sustainability and resilience in the Integral City. You can read more details about me here http://integralcity.com/about/about-the-founder/

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