One of our traditions at Sunday Taizé at Findhorn, is to invite Auriol of Findhorn to read one of her poems. In early November we listened to this beautiful poem, evocative of season, place and the times we are in.

Auriol prefaced her reading with this comment: “Sometimes I grow discouraged when I hear the news. Today I became aware, that cultures (big and small) go in waves – that consoles me.”


Waves and Wind, over the years,
have shaped our beach with their passing:
Piling up stones, deepening channels,
Warmth of the Sun, cold fume of the Moon.
Lifting and levelling groom
Earth and her children.
Waves of the Spirit,uplifting and falling,
raise up Stone Circles or Temples to Isis,
A Tree for the Buddha, Chartres Cathedral,
The Shard of London or a Sanctuary for Nature.
Raised to fulfillment as the Spirit calls;
then scatters and levels us, that the new may be born.
Leaving us changed – by the passing;
deeper, more conscious.
Still searching for that which tunes and rehallows us:
Truth, Beauty and Good,
           reborn from the Waves.
                                                Auriol of Findhorn