by Diana Claire Douglas, Founder of Knowing Field Designs

Systemic Constellation Work is a philosophy, a body of teachings, and an experiential and embodied process used to explore questions or issues, to test propositions and to design with the emerging future. There is a new branch of Systemic Constellation Work emerging—an evolution of Family Constellation Work and Organizational Constellation Work. Facilitators from around the world are applying this powerful process to explore collective issues. These are called collective constellations, societal-issue constellations, social-justice constellations, community constellations, nature constellations, city constellations and more!

I call my facilitation of this process constellating for the collective.

The research and development of Constellating for the Collective was done primarily with Marilyn Hamilton and the core team of Integral City, and Anne-Marie Voorhoeve and the core team of THC-The Hague Center for Global Governance, Innovation and Emergence.

What is “the collective”? Collective has several meanings, for example: people who are in groups such as political and religious groups; a community; a city; and (patterns in) collective consciousness.

How do we enter the collective field through Systemic Constellation Work?

All Life is embedded in fields of information and energy. All Life is embedded in fields of consciousness. We humans access these fields, consciously and unconsciously. We are able to consciously enter the collective field through all branches of Systemic Constellation Work. In Family Constellation Work, individuals’ issues and concerns often take them into the trans-generational collective field (of traumas and resources). In Organizational Constellation Work, institutions and organizations move into the collective field through societal issues. In Constellations for the Collective, the intention is to begin in the collective field for the purpose of shifting patterns in consciousness.

Who participates: individuals ready to move beyond their own personal concerns to serving the collective; leaders of visionary organizations; organizations ready to evolve; social justice groups; citizens involved with community/city concerns; facilitators of systemic constellation work (expanding from family + organizational constellations)

Where Constellating for the Collective (C4C) is offered:

Monthly sessions in my home town, Ottawa; workshops and retreats in Canada and Europe; workshops at international conferences; on-line through Zoom.

The Process: C4C is an experiential, embodied, whole-person approach to accessing energy and information in the Knowing Field. The approach is creative, adaptable, and powerful, using human beings as the instrument of creativity.

There are several ways I work with a question or issue: using a structure and/or allowing the process to emerge and evolve as we go along in the process. The structured approach which I have developed when working with collective issues: the group finds their exact question; the group names all the elements in the field;  representatives are chosen; representatives move into the Field and form the first “image”; and we all look into the patterns of relationship that show up in this first image (of representative’ placement in the Field); movements of the representatives; messages of the representatives; and debrief.

Celebrate Creatively

Following is a list of constellations I have facilitated related to Climate Change and Consciousness. The topics are the questions posed to the knowing field. 

Climate change:

  1. “What does the force we call climate change want humanity to know at this time?”
  2. “Given the extreme events happening right now – wildfires in BC, earthquake in Mexico today rocking Mexico City, Hurricane Maria slamming Caribbean now…and the previous information from constellations that the rescuer (R) is blocking change, what is the relationship now between Global Healing, the rescuer and the force we call climate change?”
  3. ” What is the relationship between Mother Earth, the threats to existence, and humanity?”

Human impact on the environment:

  1. “Testing whether our human-designed project on reconciliation (this could be any project) is in alignment with the Creator: walking the project back through all the orders of nature to the Creator.” Based on teachings as learned through Indigenous author Lynn Gehl, Claiming Anishinaabe, what can humanity learn when we listen our right place in the order of creation — we came last?
  2. “Water is speaking, are we listening?” Constellating for the Collective gives an opportunity for all elements to give voice and for humanity to listen.
  3. “How do we settlers — with Western mindsets — come to respect Indigenous Peoples?” Shifting Western mindsets to an Indigenous understanding that All Life is Sacred may awaken our capacity to respond to climate change.

What can we “do”?

  1. Becoming Sacred Activists: Planting Love

“What does the Spirit of the Ottawa River Watershed wish us to know about its relationship with nuclear waste at the Chalk River Nuclear site?” The proposed nuclear dump site is an example of how the Western mindset is so out of alignment with the well-being of All-Life. The site of a now-closed , public nuclear facility, a private consortium has proposed to clean up the site by erecting a building above ground, on a fault line, 1 km from the Ottawa River — which is the human drinking water source for several million people. A group of social activists wondered what could we do? The process of the constellation showed the impact of bringing Love into the Field — shifting the awareness of the elements represented and shifting the consciousness of the participants. Activism is now sacred activism.

  1. Exploring being Conscious Witnesses: The Conscious Witness Project A phenomenological research project whose intention is to access the Knowing Field through the process of Systemic Constellation Work in order to become aware of our impact when we are witnessing — whether in a small circle of participants in a workshop or local, national and global events. After many constellations the impact of the Conscious Witness is to initiate healing movements in the Field. Our experiments continue.
  1. “What does Humanity need to be an Ally of Evolution?

A workshop held at the Integral European Conference, 2018, whose theme was “Allies of Evolution.”


Diana Claire Douglas is the recipient of the award Meshworker of the Year 2018.