We are moved to start 2019 with the publication of  The Manifesto of New Sincerity, written by Oleg Lega.

In a year when so many commitments are being drafted, challenged and made, this Manifesto calls forth the qualities that our Book 3, Integral City 3.7 proposes are needed to reframe our complex challenges: Caring, Contexting and Capacity Building.

The Manifesto also speaks with the 4 Voices of the City (as Oleg wears the hats of Citizen, Business Developer, Resource Allocator and Integrator) to a core set of Intelligences of the Integral City:

Contexting Intelligences: Ecolosphere, Emergence, Integral, Living

Individual Intelligences: Inner and Outer Sincerity and Behaviour

Collective Intelligences: Particularly Corporate Structures and Cultures

Strategic Intelligences: InquiryNavigating

Evolutionary Intelligences.

If we listen deeply to Oleg’s call for Sincerity then it will be necessary also to engage Meshworking Intelligence to work together to co-create the world we wish our children to live in.

Altogether, Oleg speaks not just to the 7th generation from now (to which Integral City 3.7 is dedicated) but to all the generations alive today. Oleg is modelling what it means to live by the Master Code – Caring for Self, Others, Place, Planet.

The Manifesto of New Sincerity

A Platform for Transformation

by Oleg Lega

Whenever I come to pick up my son from school and see him running towards me my heart opens up and fills with the anticipation of tender joy and complete mutual trust. Our kids are such an amazing fact of our lives: biologically they fulfill our selfish need to pass down our set of genes; altruistically they give us a chance to express our parental love, one of the most sincere and responsible kinds of love ever. This strong love for our children inevitably makes us wonder: What kind of world will we leave for them?

Ours is a pretty badly polluted world already and our descendants are very likely to blame us for turning this planet into a huge dumpster the same way we blame our ancestors today for the atrocities of slavery.

It is general knowledge that natural resources are depleting. At the same time Russia alone produces 5 billion tons of waste a year, and the death rate from drinking polluted water in our country is higher than that from car accidents and murders. Paradoxically as our depleting resources become waste, both processes are skyrocketing simultaneously. Every day brings us new evidence that without environmental consciousness our descendants will not survive. So, do we really love our children? I would put a big question mark here.

How can my child be happy in the future dumpster-world with no resources? How can our kids really express themselves and be successful in such an environment? Which of the companies our children are going to work for will emerge as most creative and sustainable in the future world? Which ideas will turn out to be most attractive?

My hope is that the ideas, companies, and relations our kids are going to find most attractive in the future will be more honest than those that used to appeal to us. I do hope that our children will be more authentic and sincere in general, and the world around them will respond with more openness and sincerity as well. I believe that to a large extent it is already coming true today.

Have you ever had any colleagues, friends or family members going out of their way to look better or more impressive, but all their attempts end up in a professional or personal fiasco? Have you had similar experiences in your own life? This is certainly true about the author of this text. I (and my close friends) have experienced such failures more than once but still haven’t come up with all the answers to the arising questions.

This is quite understandable: until very recently such competitive mimicry was a way to achieve: Do not ask too many questions, be compliant and you’ll get extra perks. Be an obedient wife and you’ll save your marriage.

But today this kind of compliance is not enough: the world has become more transparent, more open, changing, accelerating and revealing. It gets much quicker with its feedback not only to businesses, but in communication and in relationships in general. To lie to oneself and to the world is not that easy anymore. Even such a corporate giant as Volkswagen gets immediately busted and its stock price falls in value dramatically when it tries to cheat on the emissions control tests. And whoever would have imagined the #metoo movement just a decade ago?

Such openness in today’s world encourages us not only to seem good but to be authentic. This challenge calls for a comprehensive transformation and may lead the human community to the next developmental level where there are no more gurus but a need for everyone to search for one’s own answers to the pressing questions. These questions arise every day and become more essential and urgent. They refer not only to ecology but to the issues of finding one’s way in life, our relationships with others, our personality in general. They seem to be asking each of us: are you just trying to look good, or are you really authentic in your expressions?

To read and download the full text of The Manifesto click here: Lega, Manifesto New Sincerity

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