For us to imagine the Human Hive as a thriving innovation eco-system we can learn both from the wisdom of evolution biologist, Elisabet Sahtouris and the three principles used to frame life/work/relationship intentions at Findhorn The Park. We have adapted the conditions that Elisabet sets out into 17 steps divided into Findhorn’s precepts of Deep Inner Listening, Work as Love in Action and Co-Creating with the Intelligences of Nature.

These are the steps that the 4 Voices of the Human Hive can use to implement the 12 Intelligences and live the Master Code of Care for Self, Others, Place and Planet.


  1. Imagine Your City has a sense of its own Spirit and discovers its purpose in service to the wellbeing of its eco-region and the planet.
  1. Imagine that Your City valued its values, history, traditions and culture so that it conserves what works well and teaches it (or shares) with others, including children, youth, seniors, business, civil society, and city hall.
  1. Imagine that Your City was open to creative change so that it could replace what does not work well with what can work better, and even inspire people to want more change.
  1. Imagine that Your City discovers the wisdom and resources to create itself as a valued and valuable city – for its citizens, families, organizations, communities, neighborhoods, sectors, state and country.



  1. Imagine that Your City appreciates the great diversity in the city – from workers who produce value, to innovators and artists who generate diversity, to investors and resource allocators who find and manage resources for worthy projects, to integrators who see the city as alive for humans as a beehive is for bees. 
  1. Imagine that Your City has an innovation eco-system that provides it with a thriving economy that draws on its history of success in manufacturing and co-creates new opportunities through innovation laboratories at its universities and businesses. 
  1. Imagine that Your City’s education and training sector in conjunction with business and civil society, committed to the high school graduation as a minimum target for its children; coop and intern opportunities for youth; and with governments, created the conditions for full employment for all adults. 
  1. Imagine that all students in Your City learn in school: mutual trust and respect; how to dialogue with others; how to cooperate through teamwork with others; and how to coordinate projects and processes to produce life-giving results. 
  1. Imagine that Your City commits to balancing interests for a healthy economy and wellbeing amongst its citizens through engaging with all the voices of the city in making decisions, managing plans and achieving goals. 


  1. Imagine that Your City has an integrated sustainability plan so that it measures, tracks and exchanges sustainability data related to energy, water, food, finance, economic production and climate, that it shares internally with city stakeholders and externally with other cities in the region. 
  1. Imagine that Your City understands how it adds value to the economy and environment and positions itself strategically in relation to other cities in the region, the eco-region, Your Nation and the Planet. 
  1. Imagine that Your City has excellent information systems that inform the decisions of not only city hall, but all businesses, citizens, civil society, institutions (healthcare, education, spiritual), eco-regions and all government levels (state, regional, national). 
  1. Imagine that the management of Your City meshworks so well by integrating stakeholders that it is a model for other cities of its size in Your Eco-Region, Your Nation, Your Continent and the world. 
  1. Imagine that Your City’s ability to respond to stresses (environmental, economic, physical, cultural, social, psychological) at all levels of scale, creates a resilient city, because all stakeholders working together (in a meshwork) create the conditions for everyone in the city to communicate with each other willingly and regularly. 
  1. Imagine that Your City is fully optically/energetically/IT wired so that all parts of the city could communicate internally and externally with the rest of the world. 
  1. Imagine that Your City practices transparent governance, accountability and accessibility to information so that people feel safe to share, care and relate to each other, their places and the planet fairly. 
  1. Imagine that Your City balances efficient management with enough extra resources that the city is resilient to change co-creating with the intelligence of Nature.