What happens when we turn up in our organizations and discover the presence of a “pebble”?

Our human systems are living through a time when a small act can cause an enormous result—like the power of a pebble to precipitate a land slide or an avalanche.

When I look at a city and see all the human systems embedded within its boundaries—individuals, families, work places, sectors, and communities—the power of the pebble becomes a metaphor for transformational change on a multi-scalar level that is truly daunting.

The pebble is a metaphor with particular sensitivity because it reminds us all too easily of the irritation of a small rock caught in our shoe—or grit between our teeth—or even the biblical “mote in the eye”. We can even think of other ways to notice the impact of a pebble not only in body, but also in mind, heart, culture, and system.

It might be impossible to interact with the organizations in our lives without encountering the presence of a “pebble”.

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The original article was published in Enlivening Edge’s E-Zine.

Featured Image by Pexels from Pixabay