This is a summary of a Plenary/Workshop offered by by Marilyn Hamilton, PhD, Founder Integral City Meshworks to the Edinburgh International Centre for Spirituality and Peace, Day Conference, Spiritualities, True Professionalism and Aligned Action: Discerning the True, Good and Beautiful. It was presented on October 26, 2019

I “professed” the story of my Spiritual AQtivation through the journey to wholeness that my Spirit has guided me in the last 7 decades.

I brought some fresh insights from my October 2019 journey home to Canada (on an Integral and Eco City mission) and back again to Findhorn Ecovillage Scotland. In this journey I realized that the subjective assessment of my wellbeing that I had completed in 2001, using the AQtivating workbook, Journeys to Wellness: A Workbook to Discover Personal Paths to Wholeness, (JTW) (Hamilton, Stevenson, 2005) had changed.

Almost 20 years later I might reassess the highs and lows that I charted about the self-organizing seasons that have alternated with the structuring cycles of my life. The last 2 decades have caused me to recalibrate my sense of self, others, place and planet – and indeed my whole Spiritual trajectory through awakening a Gaian Consciousness with a Master Code of Care (for Self, Others, Place, Planet).

Effectively this has become my discovery process for discerning Beauty, Truth and Goodness in my life. This has happened through AQtion Learning infiltrated by the “perfect timing” of unexpected revelations, strong nudges from the Still Small Voice and inspiring encounters from multiple dimensions.

Drawing on JTW Chapter 1, I led participants in an exploration of Community as defined by these elements:

Community is a journey into wholeness for individuals and groups of people.

Journey:  path, route, way, voyage, trip.

Wholeness:  emerging development to the same level of holarchy in all four quadrants of experience (based on the four quadrant Integral Model).

Individual: the nature and nurture that make up a person; the internal and external life of a person. The essence of who we are.

Group of people:  couple, family, tribe, organization, association, city, nation; the cultural (internal) and social (external) life of a collective.

Then we shared an attunement to four domains (relating to the AQ = All quadrants) of an Integral reality/realization (JTW p.21-22):

  • Self and Consciousness (which includes the inner life of emotional, mental and spiritual development — the very source of the Knowledge revolution);
  • Brain and Organism (which includes all the bio-physical factors that make up our lives. Medical and scientific discoveries are continuously showing us the multitude of the bio-physical impacts arising from the infinite complexity of our bodies.)
  • Cultural and Worldview (which includes everything to do with our inner lives as collectives – our beliefs, worldviews and the stories we tell ourselves.)
  • Social System and Environment (which includes everything that defines our ways of organizing ourselves as a population, from tribal taboos, to systems of government, to traffic rules, to energy consumption, to waste management).

I concluded with my most recent learning and insight from James Lovelock, author of the Gaia Hypothesis – that humans are Gaia’s Reflective Organs. Thus, the Master Code has become for me an “Integral Yoga” that I practise at the end of each day – seeking to notice my contribution to Beauty, Goodness and Truth as I AQtivate Gaia’s Reflective Organ in/as me. I invite others to do the same.

I attach below pdfs of Chapters 1 and 7 from the Journeys to Wellness Workbook – so others can explore this experience of professing self and community through the 4 domains, using the worksheet summaries set out in Chapter 7. If anyone would like to obtain a copy of the whole workbook, drop me an email through Contacts on this website.

JtoWWorkbook Ch 1 Intro

JtoWWorkbook Ch 7 – Community as Whole