3. Meshworker of the Year 2020: Ellen van Dongen, Lifemaps.

Read the full story of Meshworker of the Year 2020 here.

4. Integral City Blogs

5. Blogs

Conference Papers, Lectures, Notes

Integral City Frameworks and Concepts into practice

Healing process… towards regeneration

Symptoms of the Illusion of Separation between us and universal ONEness, represented as Gaia

Inner Cities

VUCA World and its cities facing the pandemic

Are the Cities being what they are meant to be?

Urban Hub 20: Accelerating City Change in a VUCA World: Thriveable Cities

I am care: AMERICA

Quarantine Lockdown Calming Practices Reflections

This blog series explores calming practices and resources from the four quadrants of reality used in the Findhorn Community during the pandemic months of 2020. They include:

How Can We Influence City Development in Creative Economy? Interview with Marilyn Hamilton for Civic Forum of Regions of the 60th Parallel

This blog series explores Regenerativity as:

6. Videos

This collection of videos features Integral City founder Marilyn Hamilton speaking about various aspects of the Integral City.

Password for all video’s: WeMakeTheCity1!

After movie: https://vimeo.com/344647596

Oleg: https://vimeo.com/344652468

Marilyn: https://vimeo.com/344653330

Discussion: https://vimeo.com/344653036

7. Podcast


Listen/watch to interviews with Marilyn Hamilton about Integral City issues, frameworks and applications.

  • Interview with Anatoly Bayalev (English/Russian) about Urban Hub 2.0: Accelerating City Change in a VUCA World – Click here
  • Interview with Gaurav Arora, Founder of XMonks and Curator Coaching Conclave India 2020 (August, 2020) – Click here
  • Interview with Daniel Christian Wahl about Regenerativity & Integral City (January 6, 2020) – Click here Summary and Click Podcast Here