Gaia as a living being has organs for her body, brain, mind and heart. Great rivers, lakes and oceans are her veins and arteries. Rocks and mountains her skeleton. Prairies and soil are her skin. Fungi, mycelium, microbes and insects are her metabolic tracts. Forests, plants and gardens her lungs. Animals are her animators, hands and feet. And we humans are her organs of reflection – able to contemplate and appreciate all that Gaia is. Altogether Gaia and her organs are an interbeing, totally dependent on one another for existence. We are held together energetically, physically, spiritually, relationally and systemically by the Impulse of Life itself. Ho!

When Gaia’s organs are functioning in harmony she enjoys coherence, resonance and emergence. For Gaia this is evolutionary peace.

This is not a static unchanging peace – but a dynamic, pulsing, cycling peace that grows and develops and evolves.

Like a fetus developing in utero, as a species, we humans are still developing the capacity to be reflective organs for Gaia. Our heart-minds have unfolded in her womb with bodies and organs that reflect Gaia’s functions herself. In the last 70 years, we have emerged from the locations of many wombs in different eco-regions into the whole Earth landscape of our Planetary home.

But like children who have not learned the lessons of playing together with Love and Respect, we have emerged from our eco-territories into our larger play area and we have trashed our playroom. We are waking up now to look around at the destruction we have caused to our Earth Mother as a whole, to her sacred organs without whom we cannot survive, to all the artefacts that have been our toys, clothes, shelter, food and support and to the eco-regions which have supported us to live this long.

We have created un-peace. Because our evolutionary capacities manifested through our behaviour, systems, relationships and awareness have overpowered the other organs of Gaia. Instead of serving as Gaia’s Reflective Organs for which we have been evolved – we have become a cancer. We have disturbed Gaias natural flow of energies and so changed her life-balance that we threaten our own survival. For as an inseparable part of an interbeing we are utterly dependent on Gaia’s wellbeing. Her wellbeing is our wellbeing.

How can we talk of Cities of peace, when we have disturbed Gaia’s Peace?