Gaia in her wisdom has created us as a fractal of her patterns. Like her we have organs made from the substances of her creation: we are bone of her bone, flesh of her flesh, heart of her heart and mind of her mind.

So, in contemplating a City of Peace we must first respect that it will not just be a built environment – not just the bones of streets and buildings or the energy of communication systems. But what we create will have a home on what we call Gaia’s bio-regions. Within a watershed, geo-shed, bio-shed, we must respect the resources and honour the boundaries of the ecology that Gaia creates for us to plant the seed of a new creation.

As Gaia expresses an ecological intelligence in all her creations, so we must reflect that intelligence in creating a City of Peace that lives in its bio-region with Intelligences of Ecology, Emergence, Integral Awareness and Aliveness. I call these Contexting Intelligences.

Gaia delights in the creation of Individual uniqueness and expression – reflected in each of us as individuals with inner consciousness and outer behavioural capacities. A City of Peace would enable Individual Intelligence to shine without repressing the expression of other individuals.

Gaia also knows from her deep history that Collective Intelligence emerges when individuals agree to work, live, play, co-create together. The co-creation of Cities of Peace must be an ultimate expression of Collective Intelligence where cooperation and collaboration optimize Aliveness.

Gaia has the wisdom to open the doors of Strategic Intelligence, encouraging us to Inquire and ask good questions – like what is a City of Peace? She shows us through Ecological Intelligence how in a City of Peace to Meshwork the foundational functions of structures with the self-organizing functions of ongoing connections and exploration. She also gifts us with Navigational capacities so that we can create Vital Signs Monitors in our Cities of Peace that enable us to set targets for wellbeing and steer a course to achieve wellbeing goals and objectives.

Gaia has the impulse of Evolutionary Intelligence to encourage us to grow Cities of Peace as her Reflective Organs that continue to grow, develop and evolve dynamically.

But as Gaia evolves she uses the wisdom of complex adaptive living systems to seek coherence, resonance, and emergence. This can enable all her Cities to be Reflective Organs that can be at Peace with one another.

Gaia even gives us the capacities to create an Operating System for our Reflective Organs. It is a Code of Peace that I call the Master Code of Care. This Operating System  enables Peace as we practise it. We must Care for our Selves, so that we can Care for Others, and together Care for our Places – or Cities of Peace – and altogether we can Care for our Planet, Gaia.

This Master Code of Care enables development and evolution of Cities of Peace within the Ecology of Gaia.