Pyeongchang Peace Forum 2020 invited Marilyn Hamilton to speak at their Forum February 10, 2020. Unfortunately, because of travel restrictions related to the Novel Coronavirus Dr. Hamilton was not able to attend in person. However, she shares this Abstract of her presentation and sends her deepest Appreciation to the organizers, presenters and attendees.

Integral City: Evolving Gaia’s Organs of Peace

by Marilyn Hamilton PhD, Founder Integral City Meshworks

Integral City integrates and synthesizes the evolutionary dynamics of the city as the most complex human system yet created. Guided by Gaia’s Evolutionary Impulse, we can build Capacity for Peace when we honour Context and live the Master Code of Care: simultaneously Caring for Self, Others, Place and Planet.

Integral City proposes cities are Gaia’s Reflective Organs, with humans the cells in those organs and our organizations their sub-systems/organelles. (Lovelock)

Learning from Gaia, Integral Cities as Organs of Reflection create an ecology for the emergence of Peace by evolving 10 City Capacities:

  1. Cities as complex adaptive living systems with 5 sets of intelligences for surviving, adapting to our environments and regenerating. (Hamilton, Capra)
  2. Biomimicry lessons that reveal our cities are human hives – powerful collectives, like the beehive is for bees. (Hamilton, Bloom, Benyus)
  3. Co-existing with 4 realities that frame our lives through: intentions, cultures, behaviors, systems. (Wilber, Hamilton)
  4. 4 ways of knowing our realities: subjective, intersubjective, objective, interobjective. (Wilber)
  5. 4 Voices to serve the Purpose of Peace in our human hives (like the 4 roles in the beehive: Citizens/Producers, Business-Innovators/Diversity Generators, Resource Allocators/Civic Managers, Inner Judges/3rd Sector). (Hamilton)
  6. Species development beyond the stage of competition into the stages of cooperation and collaboration – in other words Peace. (Sahtouris).
  7. City growth through steps and stages that scale the Capacity for Peace. (Eddy, Hamilton)
  8. The Master Code of Care to expand our circles of compassion. (Hamilton)
  9. Conditions for Human Security. (Hamilton, Buhag O’Brien et al)
  10. Roles for managing Peace and Conflict with the 4 Voices as Community, acting as a 3rd Side able to engage any issue and heal trauma, pain, injustice, conflict, pollution, degradation. (Ury, Huebl)

The legacy of the Korea 2018 Olympics and Paralympics calls forth the ecology and scaling of the Master Code. The Games created an energy field for manifesting an Integral City, Gaia’s Reflective Organ of Peace where Excellence can be mapped and thrives as:

  • Individual Performance (Map 1)
  • Collective Coordination, Cooperation, Collaboration (Map 2)
  • Placecaring and Placemaking (Map 3)
  • Planetary/Global Participation. (Map 4)

The Goal of the City of Peace is to Mirror this process for living every day – not just as performance, but as Evolutionary/Involutionary Principles in Practice. (Map 5)

The City as Gaia’s Organ of Peace is an evolutionary impulse from and for Gaia. We have the tools and skills to design it. We must call forth the will to Placecare and Placemake the City of Peace as our legacy for future generations.

We have a Gaelic blessing that we sing in Taizé Community.

  • Deep Peace of the running wave to you.
  • Deep Peace of the flowing air to you.
  • Deep Peace of the silent stars to you.
  • Deep Peace of the quiet earth to you.

It is time now to add a new verse to this and sing it for the City of Peace:

  • Deep Peace of the Evolutionary Flow to you.
  • Deep Peace of the Living Hive to you.
  • Deep Peace of the City’s Voice to you.
  • Deep Peace of the Master Code to you.

References: Integral City Book Series:

  •  Integral City 3.7 Reframing Complex Challenges for Gaia’s Human Hives (2018)
  • Integral City  Inquiry and Action: Designing Impact for the Human Hive (2017)
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