The publication of Book 1 Integral City: Evolutionary Intelligences for the Human Hive inspired the creation of the GPS. It is a tool to help us discover the intelligences in cities – and for Practitioners, Catalysts and Meshworkers to discover their piece of the puzzle that contributes to making the whole city fully alive.

The 12 Intelligences of the Integral City are embedded in the GPS. They are explained briefly on the Integral City website here. They are also explained in each chapter of Book 1, Edition 2 Integral City: Evolutionary Intelligences for the Human Hive.


We share the explanation of the GPS design – and its 3 bezels (in this extract from Book 2 Inquiry & Action: Designing Impact for the Human Hive, Appendix C3).

Homo sapiens has built several types of cities—we focus on three types of cities: the Smart City driven by technology and industry; the Resilient city driven by ecological and eco-regional interdependencies; and the Integral City driven by the Master Code.

The Integral City GPS tool locates these 3 city types on 3 bezels that can move both independently and in synchrony.

At the core of the Integral City GPS lies the Evolutionary Intelligence, which provides the energetic impulse that drives all the other intelligences. Recognizing that every city emerges along an Evolutionary trajectory is also a core distinction of an Integral City ….

The Smart City Locator is situated on the 2nd bezel. It uses Logic Models to track the logic of cities—based on Strategic Rational thinking using the intelligences of Inquiry, Meshworking, and Navigating. It depends on scientific and methodical Inquiry, research and development. It collects big data, maps patterns, tracks vital signs, and navigates the city’s neural networks for effectiveness and efficiency. The Smart City Locator organizes the favorite functions used by Civic Managers and Citizens and asks: How are we doing in reaching targets? Do I have the basics of life? Do I have a job? Are the stores open? Do the buses run on time?

The Resilient City Locator is situated on the 3rd bezel. It is like the Motherboard of our intelligence system based on the natural systems we have inherited from Mother Earth. The Resilient City Locator locates our Human Hives in the context of their intelligences related to Ecologies and eco-regions; their Emergent responsiveness to local conditions; the basic Integral realities of bio-psycho-culture-systems; and their embedded, recurrent dynamic Lifecycles. It relates the interdependent scales of our cities in terms of their inter-city and intra-city ecologies.

The Resilient City intelligences provide contexts for the Strategies of the Smart City intelligences. It is used by Civic Managers who track the external conditions of the eco-regions of our human hive—asking about climate, water, energy, population densities—to seek feedback that tells us if we are going to be successful at not just reaching our target once, but multiple years into the future. The Resilient City locator alerts Business Innovators to threats and opportunities needing remedies, adaptive strat­egies, innovations, and inventions. It activates a measure of large-scale systems integration. And working with these impact patterns, it leads us to the third locator.

The Integral City Locator is situated on the 1st bezel. It acts as the core intelligence chip that reflects the deepest intelligence of the Human Hive. It offers “Integral Intel Inside.” This chip embeds the core intelli­gences that enable human systems to be the most advanced life systems on earth. The Integral Integrator is built on the very simple architecture of Inner and Outer, Individual and Collective Capacities.

Outer Individual Intelligences include the external objective data elements tracked by the Smart City. The Outer Collective Intelligences include the external inter-objective infrastructural and systemic elements of cities mapped by the Resilient City—like the electric grid, transporta­tion systems, and the built environment.

Inner Individual Intelligences include the internal subjective phe­nomena of emotions, consciousness, beliefs, mindfulness, and intentions. Inner Collective Intelligences include the internal intersubjective realities of values, worldviews, vision, and culture.

The true distinctiveness of the Integral City locator arises from the power of the Inner Capacities—Individual and Collective Intelligences—that drive city life. … The Integral locator points especially to the Caring Capacities—the ones that emerge from our attention to living the Master Code … capacity to embrace greater circles of care—from self, to others, to place, to planet. [Thus] we expand our capacity to develop habitats that carry and support the life conditions that we most need to be Smart, Resilient, and Integral.

Note: Traditional Cities are not located with this GPS Locator.