How can Integral City celebrate UN Unity-Peace (UP) Week? We imagine 11 waystations that Integral City visits during the 11 days of pilgrimage with the Unity Week Caravan of Peace. Here is our itinerary for each day …

1. Integral City imagines a Planet of Integral Cities connected in service to Gaia as her unified Reflective Organ System (GRO). As GRO an Integral City is in Unity with all life on the planet – Acting Locally, Feeling Globally, and Thinking Kosmically.

2.  As a Planet of Integral Cities, we imagine Interdependence with all life systems. This interdependence is fractal within individual life in cities and life in the eco-region and all life on Earth. The 4 Voices of the Human Hive resonate with the 4 roles of the Honeybee Hive. Bees have Forager/Producers; Cities have Citizens. Bees have Diversity Generators/Cities have Business/Innovators. Bees have Resource Allocators; Cities have Civic Managers. Bees have Inner Judges; Cities have 3rd Sector Integrators. Working together Bees generate Hive Mind; Humans generate Human Hive Mind.

3. An Integral City exists in fractal relationship to its Environment. The environment forms the living, bio-psycho-cultural-social ecology that flows through the city, surrounds it and co-defines its structures, infrastructures and dynamics. Integral City has 5 maps that show the interconnections with our environment (LR of Map 1); the natural holarchies of our human systems (Map 2); the interaction of the Micro, Meso, Macro scales that co-exist within the city (Map 3); the evolutionary trajectory of complex organization(s) that create communication and supply chains (Map 4); and the spiritual connections between the city and its eco-region (Map 5).

4. An Integral City depends on and only thrives when there is Economic Justice. Economic Justice can be symbolized by the goal of wellbeing for the Human Hive that regenerates sustainability and resilience. The goal of wellbeing is the human equivalent of the honey bee’s 20 kg of honey that must be produced by the hive every year for its survival. This means that in the process of generating wellbeing for the Human Hive, every person contributes to the generation and use of energy for productive means. If we want to mirror the wisdom of the bees, this sustainability strategy not only sustains the hive, but regenerates renewable energy for the next year. As each person and role is productive, we are fed and accommodated, learn on the job, gain skills and capacity and share the economy justly because hive, individuals and the eco-region are all thriving at the same time.

5. The Integral City seeks Health for all as an outcome of co-creating the conditions for optimum wellbeing for all life. The wellbeing of the human hive arises from caring for self, others, place and planet. This is the Master Code of Care – which is the Code of Life for health, wholeness, and healing in the Integral City.

6. In the Integral City, as in the honeybee hive,  Children and Youth are valued as the new generation whose quality of life depends on the Master Code of Care that is translated into life conditions that support the development and emergence of the greatest human potential for each person – as well as the collectives that emerge from our relationships. Children and Youth learn the Master Code of Care because they see it modelled by all the adults and elders in their lives – serving as the 4 Voices in the Human Hive.

7. In the Integral City Women and Men play life-giving, life-sustaining and life-generating roles. They use the capacities of the feminine/masculine (consciousness) and female/male (biology) to partner each other and co-parent children and youth. Women and men bring a whole spectrum of “genderness” to learn and offer an interconnected GPS of 12 Intelligences, translating them into capacities that serve relationships in the human hive, that enable us to thrive as a living, evolutionary, integral/whole system.

8. The Integral City ensures the Rights of humans in all its systems are counter-balanced with human Responsibilities so that the Master Code of Care – Care for Self, Others, Place, Planet – are co-manifested and coherent. Rights never outweigh responsibilities, so that Life in all its forms can exist in a thriving interconnected ecology as the Integral City.

9. Freedom in the Integral City is reflected in the balancing of rights and responsibilities. To be free in the Integral City is always to be aware of the context of the Intelligences of the Human Hive. The Integral City GPS gives us sightings of freedom based on our 12 Intelligences. Freedom aligns Context Individual, Collective, Strategic, and Evolutionary Intelligences so that Freedom rests in the wholeness of the quality of life at all levels of scale in the city. The Master Code of Care is the test that our GPS is targeted on Freedom and buoyantly aligned to our intentions of wellbeing for the Greatest Good for all life.

10. In the Integral City, Disarmament starts with individuals knowing they are safe, cared for and have the freedom to realize their highest human potential without infringing on others to do the same. With the fundamental practice of mutual, trust and respect learned from the youngest age, the need to disarm is prevented. Any armament that does exist/emerge can be used only as a minimal critical immune system to prevent being overwhelmed by an unforeseen life condition. An Integral City prefers to see its natural condition as one of health and wellbeing, where strength of mutual, trust and respect are the frameworks for civility and activity, and therefore armaments are not necessary.

11. An Integral City is by definition a City of Peace. A City of Peace is designed so that each individual and collective can realize its greatest human potential within the context of the Master Code of Care. A City of Peace is a City of Spirit where the involutionary and evolutionary forces flow through all scales of human life in the city so that the natural outcome is Beauty, Truth and Goodness (Map 5). As a City of Peace, an Integral City is naturally a City of Unity, connected to the Source of Life – where all human systems can Think Kosmically, Feel Globally and Act Locally – which emerges a Planet of Integral Cities of Peace able to serve Gaia as her Reflective Organs in a quantum universe.