Because of the pandemic, Ubiquity University cared enough to reach out to the world with Humanity Rising.

Integral City answered and now we reach out to you in partnership with UU.

Be one of the Daring Dozen who takes the new course, Beyond Resilient: Integral City Inquiry Action Impact.

Find out why lead Faculty Marilyn Hamilton cares enough to share passion, purpose, priorities. Click here.

This course is for you if you…

  • Can’t wait for others to change the city.
  • Are looking for circles of Care who can make a difference.
  • Can find the energy for change in yourself.
  • Are willing to invite others to share their energy for change with yours.
  • Seek calm in the centre of the storm.
  • Will use the new sciences of living systems with heart-centred spirituality.
  • Ask more questions than have answers.
  • Want to pioneer the Master Code of Care.
  • Are curious to experiment with partnerships, cooperation, collaboration.
  • Expect a MIR-ACT-LE … or 2 (A Miracle + Action = Impact)

Expand your Circles of Care starting January 2021 – join the weekly Circle of Care, meet your cohort here.