In these turbulent times, cities need 4 Voices who Dare to go Beyond Smart City – Beyond Resilient City – right into the energy of the Integral City. Your Voice wants to be heard  – Join us in  the Knowing Field – We will meet you there.

Marilyn will be teaching with Beth Sanders at Ubiquity University, Beyond Resilient: Integral City Inquiry, Action and Impact. The thought foundations and main focus of this course come from Marilyn Hamilton’s Integral City books and work.

Beyond Resilient will support your Voice and your calling as a catalyst for improvement in your city. You will learn new ways to:
  • Work with multiple groups and organizations to engage inquiry and action to reinvent today’s cities
  • Interact with the 4+1 Voices of the Integral City to prototype strategic possibilities
  • Learn new solutions, tools and guiding principles to enable the emergence of sustainability and resilience for the future of cities
  • Discover the unique contributions that you make to the aliveness of the Human Hive (our cities)
The course takes place over 12 weeks, starting in January 2021. Bring your Voice and your energy to Ubiquity University. We will start to change the city when your cohort assembles.