Every Voice of the city has a role to play in the city as we all experience the pandemic.

Each Voice is experiencing a different challenge, but each Voice can respond in positive, life-giving ways.

As we respond in positive ways, we generate antibodies of Care which are the real strength behind the effectiveness of viral antibodies.

Citizens – we are the ones locked down and deprived of each others company.

We can cope by making every effort to stay connected via Zoom, email, FB, WA, post.

Remember simple pleasures like celebrating birthdays.

Be grateful every meal, every day, everywhere

Business/Innovators – we are the ones whose businesses are being closed because of lack of trade.

We are the diversity generators and we transact from in-person to online.

Transform from the office to distributed workforces.

Transmute from organizations with profit priorities to organizations with purpose and service priorities.

Civic Managers – we are the ones who are trying to balance health of people with the health of the economy.

We are the Resource Allocators and charged with making difficult trade-off decisions.

We have chosen to support workers in the first stage of cov19 … in following stages we are trying to figure out how the vast changes to our flow of revenues (taxes) and expenses (programs) can be reallocated so all can survive.

3rd Sector/Civil Society – we are the ones who are trying to support all the afflicted, marginalized, separated, destabilized.

We are the Integrators, trying to call all Voices to the table so that we can respond to the changes together.

We have lost positive cashflows, but we are the organizers of the volunteer capacities of our neighbourhoods, communities and cities – we can re-focus our capacities to organize this immense force for good (the millions of organizations explored in Paul Hawken’s “Blessed Unrest”).

+1 Voice – we are the communities and cities who are experiencing the same challenges as other communities/cities, but in our own unique circumstances – we are struggling to figure out how our own challenges have uniquely manifested in our own places and how to learn from other places.

If we work together with the communities and cities in our eco-region, we will multiply the opportunities for us to use resources and strategies effectively together.

How do we bring our 4 +1 Voices of the City together? Each Voice has the power to invite the other Voices to be in their Circle(s) of Care – at the table as we tackle the pandemic challenges. The best way for us to amplify and generate more antibodies of Care is to always to ask, “who else should be here – from any and all of the 4+1 Voices of the City?