In the Pandemic City we all have the opportunity to multiply the antibodies that can strengthen our immune systems against the Covid19 virus.

The secret is to practise the Karma Yoga of the Master Code of Care.

At the beginning of each day we can ask ourselves: “How do I/we intend to Care for Self? Care for Others? Care for our Place(s)? Care for the Planet?”

And at the end of the day we can ask ourselves: “How did I/we Care for Self? Care for Others? Care for our Place(s)? Care for the Planet?”

This simple practice can be manifested in a multitude of ways, reflecting cultural influences, personal preferences and local convenience. Here are just a few suggestions for pratising the Master Code of Care for Self, Others, Place, Planet.

How to Care for Self

Bio:Strengthen your behavioural/bio immune system by eating well, sleeping fully, exercising daily.

Psycho: Meditate, pray, journal. Find joy in beauty. Make object what is subject through art making/creative activity.  (Re)Discover pesonal purpose. At the end each day ask: “What has made you happy? Given comfort? Inspired you?

Cultural: Tell stories. Re-story yourself through the Integral Spiral. Read sacred texts; tell, share, learn, practise faith.  Become an Island of Calm amid sea of chaos (through guided meditation). Dance. Sing Taize online with others.

Social/Structural:  Be grateful for simple abundance.  Practise the basics of life – survive, connect with environment, regenerate – through a minimalist lifestyle.

How to Care for Others

Serve and/or care for at least one otherperson every day.  Commit a random act of kindness.Stay connected with others. Belong to a group and find some way to contribute. Expand circles of care and Compassion. Read and learn together with another person or group.

How to Care for Place

Walk outside. Seek out your favourite part of Nature. Experience beauty in Nature, Art, Architecture, Water.  From the smallest to largest scale – from the clover in your grass to the tallest tree, love your place, pray for it.  Garden and care for your “patch” – whether it is your garden, someone elses or a brown field or allotment by: cleaning, re-organizing, planting, pruning, harvesting.  Connect with others in different places (as local regulations allow). Reduce/reuse/recycle – learn about and practise sustainability in your household.

How to Care for Planet

Look up at the night sky. Watch a sunrise or sunset. Float across the lake or down the river. Look at the phase of the moon and the stars. Sense your connection to something larger than all of us. Experience Earth as Mother.  Do one action every day to care for our planet (it may be through caring for Place – but if we all do something for place, together we will be caring our our planet and we know it all adds up). Reduce and/or stop using plastic. Monitor your water use and learn how to use less. Monitor your power use and learn how to use less. Watch David Attenborough documentaries. Say thanks every day to the planet that has birthed us all.

When you have ended your day, be grateful to yourself for practising this Karma Yoga of Caring for Self, Others, Place and Planet. Know that you matter more than you think. And that the simple, positive acts of care are significant boosters to your andour immune systems.

I am grateful to you for just reading this far and considering how simple just one practice at each scale can be. Namaste.