This is a short series of blogs sharing what has emerged while living in Findhorn in 2020. This is a 4 Quadrant Practice of Integral Intelligence to find calm intentions, actions, relationships and structures that serve our wellbeing in the midst of a very VUCA world.

It is part of our occasional series of householder dharma-talks.

As 2020 has progressed, the sources of our stressors have emerged from multiple spheres and directions – even in the relatively remote Findhorn community. To the grand global sweep of Climate Change (which we explored in our 2019 Conference), we added Covid19 as another global experience which no one could avoid. Then the scales of social justice were tipped with violence erupting elsewhere in the world but rippling back here through disrupted travel, withdrawn visas and uncertain futures as dissension broke out between races, genders, generations and cultures that spread like wildfire around the planet. Wildfire itself burned to the ground the sanctity of home and neighbourhood of former residents or families and friends from Australia and the US Westcoast. Now in this last season of the year, we are suffering from the mediated anger of political clashes with the situations of Brexit in the UK and the elections in the US.

Is it possible to find inner and collective calm amongst the seemingly unceasing outer threats to our existence?  I will explore some possibilities through the perspectives that four-quadrant perspectives can bring.