This blog describes how the Islands of Calm Meditation is serving the spiritual ecovillage Findhorn.

A group of us continue meditating together on a weekly basis, via Zoom, with the intention of creating “Islands of Calm” amidst the turbulence we encounter anywhere in our daily lives. We aim to facilitate a more coherent energy field within ourselves and thereby our communities, working together with our Subtle Allies.

We originally started this meditation in summer 2020, after the first pandemic lockdown – in response to a request from the Covid Action Group (CAG).  But as we are now coming out of our 4th lockdown in Spring 2021, we still notice the highs anticipating the “emergence of new freedoms” and the lows that we suffer when restrictions recur (or even threaten to recur).

Nevertheless, we also know the intended effect of finding the calm in ourselves has rippled out beyond Findhorn. We have participation not only from the wider Findhorn area of Forres and Marcassie but as far afield as Northumberland and Nottingham.

We have shared our Islands of Calm with friends and relatives in Russia, and on this last Mothering Sunday we co-created a special version for the Moments of Mass Mindfulness MOMMentum event in honour of Mother Earth and Mothers everywhere (see

We are very grateful for the feedback we receive from the leaders and members in our community who notice the calming effect of our practice. It seems safe to say that our Islands of Calm practice evens out both the highs and lows of reactions to unexpected events throughout our communities.

Qualities and guidance, we shared as the essence of calm we were taking away included these:

Unity, Community, Love, Connection to Nature, Anticipating the Good, Oneness, Support, New Beginnings, Gratitude, Comfort for Grief.

We have discovered that whatever turbulence we experience we benefit by naming it, witnessing others and calling forth in the meditation the qualities and Allies who strengthen our field.

We meet online at 9:30 am Saturday mornings. We have kept this within the boundaries of our Findhorn wider community … however if you have a connection with Findhorn Ecovillage or Foundation, you are invited to inquire about new openings for this meditation by emailing Marilyn Hamilton.