Integral City Maps Restory Human Systems & Climate Change

How do the 5 Maps used by Integral City make visible the wholeness of the human hive, when we consider Climate Change?

Each of the maps gives us different perspectives to view the patterns of wholeness – through stories. (Moreover, the Integral City maps reveal the consciousness and culture changes that Doughnut Economics depends on to realize AQAL development that brings human systems back into balance with all living systems.)

This is the story of Map 3 .

From the Mirrors of Map 1 and the Telescope of Map 2, we discover in Map 3 a view of the Fractal Patterns that climate influences at all scales of human systems.

Map 3 reveals the ecology of the human system. Map 3 is like putting on a Virtual Reality apparatus, that enables us to watch how an individual develops from conception to fully realized adult human.

We see through our micro-meso-macro scope how such individuals find one another when they set out on a journey of learning to perform at the highest potential. In high performance teams they generate intentions, goals, practices and strategies to change the ecologies in which they are naturally embedded.

When fully developed individuals and high performance teams interact with their workplaces, they influence many other people, relationships, associations, results and impacts. These highly developed performers can become the climate-aware consciences of every group they belong to – and thus the agents of positively empowered climate changers.

Map 3 shows how humans who are awake to their responsibility to change  can impact ecologies at the scale of the whole city. Their behaviours of acting in accord with thriving systems (as Doughnut Economics proposes) influences climate change and thus changes whole systems at the scale of systems.

In fact, when we look back at Map 2, we can see that Map 3 adds into the telescope of human systems, the developmental levels that enable more and more complex responses, that can zoom in and out from the micro to the meso to the macro scale of city life.

And thus we appreciate the magic of Holographic design that Gaia embeds in her creations – including humans.