Integral City Maps Restory Human Systems & Climate Change

How do the 5 Maps used by Integral City make visible the wholeness of the human hive, when we consider Climate Change?

Each of the maps gives us different perspectives to view the patterns of wholeness – through stories. (Moreover, the Integral City maps reveal the consciousness and culture changes that Doughnut Economics depends on to realize AQAL development that brings human systems back into balance with all living systems.)

This is the story of Map 5. (Note its story dateline is in the imaginary future).

Dateline: January 1, 2100

The Year 2000 might have commenced the Century named for the City – but the era itself belonged to a much less benign category: the Anthropocene – the time when Earth systems became dominated by human behaviours and their consequences.

At the century’s start, the Rockefeller Foundation announced its commitment to funding 100 cities with Chief Resilience Officers. Parallel to this initiative IBM continued to build out the technology of the Smart City.

Enormous initiatives. Global resources. International organizations. Called forth because as an immature species, humans were occupying so much territory we were triggering tipping points endangering global wellbeing. We left a trail of pollution of all natural systems on land, sea and air; decimation of other species to the tune of 90% of biodiversity loss ; climate change; sea level rise; congestion of cities with up to 70% of human population living there; and social injustices arising from the massive and incoherent interconnection of all these events and systems. These were signals from the Evolutionary Impulse to awaken humans to their global impacts and call forth nascent intelligences for regeneration.

But city folk hardly noticed the implications of the Anthropocene because they had become addicted to technologies used to manipulate individuals and tribes around the world for the benefit of capitalism’s makers, users, movers, energizers and heaters/coolers.

So, in the 21st century the Evolutionary Impulse intensified the wake-up call of human systems in the city. Rapidly, unresolved disasters of era-change gathered momentum, initiating conflict, disease and dissonance at a global scale. By 2020, the Anthropocene Century of the City resounded with cries for Peace and Unity across the planet. Then the pandemic hit – shattering many assumptions of species’ entitlement into shards of disconnection.

Pressures for remedies, rescues, responses and resolutions demanded new relationships, integrated understandings, whole world views and new cosmologies. Caring people longed not for a new technology, but for a common language to share compassion, love and kindness.

Away from the feeding frenzy of raging headlines, the Evolutionary Impulse transcended the nightmare with a deep well of integral calm. Beyond the poisoned fields of technology and infrastructure, it regenerated nourishment for spirit, consciousness and culture. Around kitchen tables, on community benches, inside places of worship and from shared gardens, emerged discoveries that revealed a path to caring.

In mid-century, awakening emerged spontaneously across the world, through a myriad of voices, places and actions.  At first it was difficult to notice that these insights and discoveries grew from the same roots – the Evolutionary Impulse itself. But soon people could see the gifts of aliveness in Beauty, Goodness and Truth were qualities experienced both uniquely and by all as universal patterns and archetypes.

Some dared to suggest that Gaia – the living Earth — was evolving humans to be her Reflective Organ System, made up of Cities as Organs; Organizations as Organelles; and individuals as Cells. She needed this living system to evolve and align with all her other planetary systems.

Thus, a kind of new sacred and scientific myth of Life emerged. Suddenly we could see that the variations of human gifts and life conditions all evolved from Gaia. Like Gaia, we flowed from Love as the Ground of Being, through Involution of Whole Species to Multiple Variations and Generative Dualities. Through Evolution we returned to the Whole in a never-ending flow of continuous awakening, like a diamond being polished to ever-greater brilliance with every cycle of care.

We came to learn the peril of forgetting that we always belonged to the Whole. When we disconnected from the Whole, we caused fragmentation, incoherence, conflict and disease. We occluded the brilliance of the diamond and fragmented from Grace. (See Figure 1.)

Figure 1: Dubashia Diamond Model

The pandemic recalibrated the relationship of humans to all life on Earth. As humans locked down and quieted, new Voices could be heard.  In response to the pandemic, cities and nations stopped 80% of air travel; limited local transportation; restricted gatherings; and simplified options for daily living. People learned that human behaviour could change in shorter time than the scientists predicted was needed to avoid climate disaster (in 2020 it was calculated as 10 years).

It turns out that we awakened not simply to a Century of the City – but awakened the City and its Region to a Century of crystal clarity about the holographic, fractal elegance of Evolutionary Care. The Century of clarity revealed that humans have a common language of Care – care that manifests at fractal scales (just like a diamond refracts light) in service to Gaia – care for Self, Others, Places, Planet.

With a power like the mystery of sacred crystals, we discovered the Master Code of Care revealed how Care for Self manifests Beauty; Care for Others manifests Goodness; Care for Place manifests Truth; and Care for Planet manifests Gaia’s Reflective Organ system (see Figure 2).

Figure 2: Master Code of Care

Even more significantly, we were able to clarify how fragmentation blinded us and blocked the release of trauma at every scale. As we followed the path of care to re-membering the Whole,  we found the path to healing was marked by reconnecting cities to the land, air, water, nature and other species from which we had separated. We learned that we are not on Earth, but we are Earth. With great effort, we recalibrated disconnected fragments into regenerative living multiplicities and back to the Whole. Along the way, we learned to heal the deep traumas and regenerate human systems to serve Gaia through the Master Code of Care as her Reflective Organ System.

When we look back over this century, we see that the sacred caring for wholeness revealed the mysterious coherence of multiple city systems, beliefs and compassion that opened wide the doors for Peace and Unity in the world.

As we celebrate this new Century 2100, we know it must be the Century of Gaia-Care. And we must honour the pioneers of the century just past, who have redeemed the destructive nature of cities and redefined the meaning of Anthropocene to signify the era when the human species matured city-regions as Gaia’s Caring System in service to all Life.


 With deep gratitude we honour some of our spiritual and scientist care finders.

  • Nishad Dubashia, creator of Diamond Model, author: Unity of Everything
  • Edgar Mitchell, Founder of IONS, astronaut of the Overview Effect
  • Ken Wilber, Founder Integral Movement, Author of A Theory of Everything
  • Clare Graves, Don Beck, Christopher Cohen, Co-Founders/Authors of Spiral Dynamics
  • Al Gore, Author of The Inconvenient Truth
  • Paul Hawken, Author of Drawdown
  • David Attenborough, Author/Producer of the Blue Planet and related series
  • Rupert Sheldrake, Author, Researcher of Morphic Field
  • Elisabet Sahtouris, Evolution Biologist
  • James Lovelock, Author of Gaia Hypothesis
  • David Bohm, Author of Implicate/Explicate Order
  • Jim Garrison, Peter Merry, Co-Founders, Ubiquity University, Humanity Rising
  • Jude Currivan, Author, The Cosmic Hologram
  • Wendy Hastrich, Researcher of Deep Earth Architecture
  • Thomas Huebl, Co-Creator of Trauma Recovery Summits
  • Jean Houston, Author, The Possible Human