What was the appropriate response to our dilemma – of the Findhorn destruction by arson of our sacred buildings? Under the circumstances it would not be surprising for anger, blame, despair and retribution to be on the minds and lips and bodies of our residents.

Instead, as I interacted with people throughout the day of the unfolding tragedy, what I heard after the initial shock was curiosity? Who? Why? Where? When?

And the next most common reaction was compassion. How difficult, how painful, how distressed was the person who did this. For it was apparent from a quick calculation of the distance between the 2 buildings that the fires had been deliberately set.

Set to destroy the buildings that embraced the spiritual and relationship heart of the community.

But the heartful response to the destruction indicated that although the community had suffered a physical heart attack, its spiritual heart was still strong and beating.

Maybe that came from the call of our Town Criers throughout the pandemic?

Allow Yourself to be Infected by Love.