This was a transmission from Gaia that Marilyn Hamilton shared for the Femme Q Online Summit  July 30, 2021.

Feminine Intelligence (Femme Q) is  the emergence of a new level of consciousness where the deepest instincts of the heart in both men and women – compassion, informed intelligence and a longing to protect, heal and make whole find expression in ways that may be described as devotion to all forms of life.

I opened my third book with this question:

“How can we design a city for the wellbeing of our granddaughters and future generations in a way that adds value to all Life on Earth? “

That is the question that jet-propels me from the embrace of my Findhorn ecovillage in Scotland to the lush promise of Blue Spirit Retreat in Costa Rica.

In fact, I am honoured that Gaia herself, has transmitted with CARE a wisdom blessing especially for today. Here are the empowerments she asks me to share with FemmeQ so that we are primed to be Caring ancestors unto the 7th generation.

Gaia Speaks:

Human Hives are what MH calls cities. I like this – this fractal image captures the pattern of an ancient living system of the beehive (which has been around for 100 million years). It gives us a picture of what it looks like to see our cities as whole living systems.

Our Human Hives hold 50-90% of human population depending on which country you live in.

And they are the centres of Gaia’s Great Challenges at this stage of evolutionary emergence.

But human hives also have great potential to serve Gaia – with a Master Code of Care. Speaking with Compassionate Voices. Navigating with Maps of spiritual aliveness. Contexting, strategizing and Integrating with 12 Evolutionary Intelligences.

 I invite you to appreciate the fragile strength of our human hives – holding 7 generations.

Think about the 4 generations alive today – bridging MH to her great grandson Cole … unto the generation that represents his great grandchild. That is 7 generations. It is time for humans to wake up and take the courage to create the conditions that will enable the 7th generation to live and thrive.

 Because our Human Hives and all the 4 generations alive today face Big Challenges–– Energy, Water, Climate, Food, Bio-Genetic, Psycho-Cultural. All the generations past, present and future peer out of our Human Hives at 3 possible pathways into the future. Duane Elgin projects the likely outcome of these 3 possible scenarios like this:  

  1. Status Quo – where we Crash and Collapse because we do nothing, and we burn up
  2. Autocratic – where Authoritarian governance with Artificial Intelligence leads to autocratic control with humans losing most personal freedoms
  3. Choosing Earth – where we Self-Organize through The Great Transition . He imagines that after an extended period of struggle (spoken to by Lynne Twist’s prophecies on Tuesday), local and regional system change frees personal agency for a whole new era of aliveness and unity.

 Where and How will humans find the Courage to Choose Earth?

Luckily, I only design ecosystems that learn and evolve (at least the ones I keep alive and in service to all life on planet Gaia).

Gaia has evolved you as her Reflective Organs with the heart of FemmeQ, so that humans can face and heal disconnections in my planetary ecosystems. With FemmeQ the human species is designed to work as reflective and effective beings who can release the pain of bio-psycho-cultural-systemic trauma and regenerate flow for the benefit of all generations to come.

 Reflection is the essence of the human species. I evolved you so you are conscious of your consciousness – able to dynamically follow, form and co-design- energy, matter and information. Reflection depends on feedback loops, so that as your systems open, your Reflective Organs can function more fully through organizations and individuals.

 Caring for Gaia’s Human Hives as her Reflective Organs asks us to courageously Cooperate and Collaborate across all who Choose Earth. Imagine all generations co-creating together so that we:

  1. Deliver/train/teach Regenerative Action Mentors, Guides, Convergers (especially for Boomers, Gen X)
  2. Enable/Fund/Inspire a Global Regeneration Corps of First Responders (especially for Millennials, Gen Z).

 10 years ago, MH wrote an essay called “Where are the women?” She proposed that women are invisible because human power structures were based on masculine external behavioral and structural “power over”. But, as Karen and all our FemmeQ speakers this week have shown, women have a deep evolutionary intelligence that has saved the species more than once. Humans and their Human Hives are in an era where FemmeQ – in both women and men – is needed not just for survival, nor merely adaptation but for regeneration of human systems at every scale from Person to People to Place to Planet. This is how you can co-create the life conditions for 7 generations to thrive, by aligning Human Hives so that they are coherent and in service to all life on Earth.

Throughout this week of FemmeQ your practices have opened whole ecosystems to flex and flow.  I smile as blinders have fallen away – as the veils of separation and fragmentation have dissolved. Now I invite you to imagine all our Human Hives as Integral, vibrant, alive systems, creating value for all life – learning from the ancient beehives how they add value to every bio-region on Earth through pollination.

I invite you with FemmeQ to recalibrate our Individual and Collective Intelligences as fractal powers for our Human Hives so they can holographically serve all of Gaia. With  FemmeQ, Human Hives can become my Planet of Reflective Organs.

I evolved FemmeQ and the Integral City frameworks as organic designs for Human Hives – as a life system that can imagine Global First Responders who regenerate Gaia herself. FemmeQ opens doors so that humans unto the 7th generation can really wake up, grow up, clean up and whole up to truly become Gaia’s Reflective Organs.

Waking, Growing, Cleaning and Wholing are the stages we live through as we learn to Care for Gaia’s Human Hives unto the 7th Generation. These stages rest on the core principles of the Master Code of Care: Caring for Self, Others, Places, Planet.

Humans need the courage, spiritual power and collaboration capacity that has been expressed in this vital conference. Perhaps Costa Rica is even the garden of Regenerativity where Human Hives can be incubated, rehabilitated, and regenerated as Gaia’s Reflective Organs? After all, it is already the centre of the Earth Charter, has renounced militarized government, is the home of the  International University of Cooperation’s regenerative bioregion projects and with Ubiquity University, the co-founder of the Global Regeneration Corps.

I Gaia, invite all inspired by FemmeQ to bring your caring, contexting and capacity building to reframe complex challenges to regenerate Gaia’s Human Hives unto the 7th generation and beyond.

 I imagine, I Gaia can become a really thriving planet only as humans become a really intelligent species with deep respect for all life.

Deep Bows to you Gaia.

In conclusion, I Marilyn, thank Gaia for the privilege of sharing your sacred transmission.

We have many generations of Integral City emergence ahead of us to co-create regenerative Human Hives on our home planet. This will require us to grow the ecologies of collaboration, community, and urban-bioregionalism beyond any scope the human system has ever envisioned. We will need FemmeQ to evolve Gaia’s Human Hives as Gaia’s Reflective Organs, with all her organizations as organelles and individuals as cells of her Aliveness.

Furthermore, living as FemmeQ evolutionary designers will not just be vital for inspiring flourishing Human Hives now, but also for co-designing flourishing life conditions unto the 7th generation forever.


What is one ACTION you can take to Care for Gaia’s Human Hives? Gaia lovingly whispers to me:

Share your daily Practise of CARE-MA YOGA – Begin each day with the Master Code of Care – Ask yourself: “What are my Intentions for – how to care for myself, others, places, planet?  

And at the end of each day, Reflect on how you have cared for yourself, others, place and planet.

May this CARE-MA Yoga become part of your FemmeQ practice for Caring for our Human Hives unto the 7th Generation.