A natural sequence for the creative renewal of the city involves the key steps of: Discovery, Strategic Planning, Contexting Sustainability & Resilience, Connecting & Communicating and Governing. We can review a city’s approaches to creative placecaring and placemaking with the steps set out 2 below (with parenthetic links to the numbered sequence of the Principles of Living Systems from Elisabet Sahtouris).


  1. Value history, traditions culture that works well for all (14)
  2. Enable creative change to replace what does not work with what works better (15)
  3. Create valued and valuable city vision with wisdom and resources for all (1)
  4. Appreciate great diversity of the 4+1 Voices (producers, inventors/artists, resource allocators and integrator – citizens, business, civic managers, civil society) (2)


  1. Create an innovation eco-system for a thriving economy that engages manufacturers, universities, business, innovation labs (7)
  2. Create conditions for full employment through training from k-U, coordinating youth, interns, business, government (10)
  3. Learn in school and practise day to day: mutual trust and respect; dialogue; feedback; teamwork; life-long learning and life-giving projects/processes for all (4)
  4. Balance interests for healthy economy and wellbeing for all by engaging 4+1 Voices of the city in setting goals, planning, deciding (5)

Context Regenerativity

  1. Create an integrated regenerativity plan to measure sustainable climate, energy, water, food and finance for city and eco-region and create a circular economy (8)
  2. Add value to economy and eco-region, nation, planet for resilience (6)
  3. Create information systems that inform decisions for/with/as 4+1 Voices of the city and state, region, nation (9)
  4. Be a model of sustainability & resilience for other cities in eco-region, nation, continent and planet (3)
  5. Respond to stresses at all scales to create resilient city where stakeholders work together to create wellbeing conditions for all (13)


  1. Connect all Voices/Stakeholders with communication technology to optimize communication internally and the rest of world (9)


  1. Design and practise governance that is fair, transparent, accountable, and accessible, so people feel safe, caring and relate to each other easily and often (11)
  2. Balance efficient management of all city functions with extra resources so city is resilient to change (12)