Cities aka Human Hives need Regeneration First Responders.

More than 50% of humanity lives in cities – up to 90% in the developed world.

Cities are responsible for emitting 50% of CO2 that is now quickly warming our planet beyond the tolerance for humans and all life. Those of you who have endured the heat waves in the last year and fires and floods in cities around the world know the truth of this.

Cities can be considered the bane of existence on Earth, or we can listen to James Lovelock – author of the Gaia hypothesis that the Earth – our planet Gaia – is a living system.

Humans are an intimate part of our planetary living system. But humans have separated themselves from Nature – thinking we are somehow removed from it or even above it. This has been a tragic error in our relationship to all living systems on the planet. In other words, humans suffer from a Nature Disconnection Disorder.

It is time for humans everywhere – but especially in cities where most of us live – to heal the massive wounds we have inflicted on Nature, on our bioregions and on Gaia herself.

Regeneration First Responders in cities need to start with reconnecting each city to Nature inside the city and to our bioregions that embrace us. We need to take responsibility for the wellbeing of relationships with all living systems. It turns out that human systems are as dependent for food on the wellbeing of pollinating insects as the quality of our air and water is dependent on the living soils of our gardens, farms and fields.

Regeneration First Responders must learn how to consume a new kind of Donut explained by Kate Raworth’s Donut Economics. We must rebalance the city’s relationship to 9 key Ecological dimensions that are set out around the outside of the Donut. We must also appreciate the interconnections of all the dimensions of the Sustainable Development Goals – the SDG’s – that sweeten the centre of the Donut.

This may seem like an impossible task – but our Integral City Intelligences confirm what James Lovelock says, “Humans are Gaia’s Reflective Organs”. Our cities are those Reflective Organs connected in a natural living web around the world – with living Organizations that act like our Organelles and individual humans like Cells inside our city Organs.

We need City Regeneration First Responders to Care for every aspect of our city human systems – to care for our Selves, so that we can Care for Others, so together we can Care for our City Places and altogether we can care for our Planet. You Regeneration First Responders come from all the 4 Voices of the Integral City – Citizens, Business/Innovators, Civic Managers and Civil Society or the 3rd Sector.

Now is the time for all city Voices not just to speak but to Act as a team of Regeneration First Responders . We are inviting you to join Integral City and the coalition co-creating Ubiquity U’s Master of Regenerative Action. Let us Re-Generate our city relationships with all life, bioregions and Gaia herself –  for now until 7 Generations from now. Join us for the next online Beyond Resilient Inquiry Action and Impact – we will help you design an Impact Project to regenerate your community, city and ecoregion. Join us any time on the self-guided course or our next LIVE session in September.

You can find all the details on Ubiquity University Beyond Resilient.