We interrupt this Humanity Rising 12-day broadcast on COP 26 to hear a message from David Spangler, Founder of the Lorian’s and spiritual advisor to Findhorn Foundation and Community.

  • David Spangler is the spiritual director of the Lorian Association, and was a key member of the Findhorn Foundation.

David shares a request from a subtle being for a Meditation for Humanity during COP26 in Glasgow.

On Monday morning, November 1, 2021, I had a request from one of my subtle colleagues, just before I was about to give a lecture to an online class I am teaching. I said I would pass it on. The following is a transcript of that part of my talk in which I did pass on my subtle colleague’s request:

As you know, many of the world leaders are gathering right now in Glasgow, Scotland for a climate summit. That being that I call the Angel of Humanity, or the Spirit of Humanity, the collective soul of Humanity, is overlighting this summit. The request that has been asked of me to pass on is for you to take time to attune not to the summit, per se, but to the spirit of creative humanity. This is very important that you’re not attuning to suffering humanity, to humanity that’s caused these environmental difficulties, to humanity that’s the worst side of our nature; you’re attuning to the soul of humanity that holds all the possibilities and the creative potentials and the vision that can shape a positive future.

David explains further “There’s a wisdom in our deep collective knowledge of how to move through these things.”

Read David’s full message here.