On Oct. 28, 2021 Humanity Rising convened the team who will anchor the 12-day broadcast on COP 26. Lead by Jim Garrison, President of Ubiquity University he shares our intentions with this map of conference broadcasts.

COP26 Day 1 Humanity Rising Day 351:

Code Red for Humanity

COP 26 in Glasgow takes place within “Code Red for Humanity,” thus making it the most consequential Conference of Parties in its 26 year old history. Never before has so much been at stake for so many. The whole world hangs in the balance around whether humanity will radically curtail its use of fossil fuels in time to avert its own destruction. All indicators are that we will not, we will continue to squander time and resources gobbling up fossil fuels, spewing CO2 into the atmosphere and refusing to change a way of life that has wiped out two thirds of the biodiversity on our planet in the last 50 years. 2021 will mark the second highest carbon emissions in history with no let up in sight. We are now in the climate tipping point. Escalating ecological turbulence is now unavoidable. How we respond, whether we take action to regenerate the global ecosystem, how we navigate through what is coming, will determine our fate.

Because of the importance of this COP, Humanity Rising (HR) is convening a 12 day Global Regeneration Summit to coincide with activities in Glasgow from Nov 1 – 12. Each day, HR will be taking up a different theme and hearing from a panel of specialists as well as activists in Glasgow both inside and outside the conference. Climate activists across a range of perspectives, cultures and organizations will come together to express their concerns about government inaction, their plans for climate justice and their aspirations for a world aligned with natural systems.

Today HR convened an array of voices who will be part of the 12 day program as it unfolds:

  • Ben Bowler, co-founder, World Unity Week
  • Kurt Johnson, author, member, Evolutionary Leaders,
  • Kosha Joubert, Director, Pocket Project
  • Bill McKibben, author, founder, 350.org, Third Act
  • Alden Meyer, Chief Policy Officer, Union of Concerned Scientists
  • Martin Palmer, author, founder, Alliance for Religion and Conservation, FaithInvest
  • Jon Ramer, coordinator, SINE Network
  • Rupert Read, author, co-founder, Extinction Rebellion; co-founder, Transformative Adaptation
  • Vandana Shiva, author, founder, Navdanya, Earth University
  • Rick Ulfik, co-founder, We the World, Eleven Days of Global Unity
  • Dita Vizoso, climate activist, farmer, rewilder, Now What?!Grassroots to Global