On Oct. 28, 2021 Humanity Rising convened the team who will anchor the 12-day broadcast on COP 26. Lead by Jim Garrison, President of Ubiquity University he shares our intentions with this map of conference broadcasts.

Humanity Rising: COP26 Humanity Rising Day 352 Soil Carbon: Our Future Beneath our Feet

“A positive vision of the future is possible if we accelerate the use of living soil to effectively reverse climate change, not only reduce future emissions which, is what the world is focusing on today. We can build a flourishing future for all life forms if we change the way we produce our food.”

Those are the words/convictions of Ed Mueller, Founder of Internation University of Cooperation. On COP 26 Day 2, Ed convened this Program for Humanity Rising Day 352:


  • Eduard Mueller: introduction: Role of regeneration, agriculture, and cattle to reverse the planetary boundaries.
  • Tom Newmark: Magic of soil life and the potential to build to bring atmospheric carbon down.
  • Larry Kopald: Global efforts of TCU in mainstreaming regenerative agriculture and the progress towards effective measurements of carbon in the near future.
  • Abbey Smith: Holistic Management for climate health: livestock as a tool to build soil health. A discussion of this scalable, accessible, biological solution to global climate health through the lens of the Savory Global Network.
  • Mel Landers:  Overview of how regenerative agriculture provides real solutions to the problems of soil life, fertility, structure and water retention and of food insecurity and climate instability, among others.
  • Ed Mueller: Concrete results of Costa Rica Regenerativa.

You can listen to the full recording – just click here.

Voices Inside the City Glasgow:

Rupert Read reported from Glasgow again – from his lodging this time. On this second day we heard that the major announcements have already been made.

Unlike previous COP’s, the staging of the world leaders at COP 26 has come in the first 2 days of the conference instead of the last few days.

We heard from Presidents Biden, Macron, G20 and others, good news about:

  • an agreement to end deforestation by 2030
  • reduce methane by 30% by 2030

But Rupert wondered where announcements would come relating to the health of Oceans, Biodiversity and Soils?

So we are alert to the following days to see if we will hear any further announcements or the national teams will be working mainly on the details?

Voices Outside Around the Planet

Ed Mueller, Rector of International University of Cooperation, Costa Rica, lead the Humanity Rising team on Day 2 inquiring into the critical topic of Soil health and its capacity to sequester CO2.

His panel shared the well established capacity of Nature to heal herself if she is not infected by the damage of chemical fertilization – which is also acidifying the Oceans as it runs off.

It was also noted in the Humanity Rising Chat that Costa Rica had won a “Restore Earth” award for its success at restoring its ecoregions.

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