From November 9-11, 2021 Humanity Rising continued broadcasts on significant themes for COP 26, including Oceans, Rain Forests and Biodiversity.

Links to the Panels and Recordings are set out below. The greatest hope came unexpectedly on Day 12 – despite the COP 26 governments’ tepid performance – because the Civil Society Coalition published the People’s Declaration with 10 Demands. (Read more here.)

Humanity Rising: COP26  Days 9-10-11-12

Day 359: Oceans at the Tipping Point

Day 359: Oceans at the Tipping Point

All indicators are that we will continue to squander time and resources gobbling up fossil fuels, spewing CO2 into the atmosphere, and refusing to change a way of life that has wiped out two-thirds of the biodiversity on our planet in the last 50 years. 2021 will mark the second-highest carbon emissions in history with no let-up in sight. We are now at the climate tipping point. Escalating ecological turbulence is now unavoidable.

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Day 360: A Message from the Amazon Rainforest to COP 26

Day 360: A Message from the Amazon Rainforest to COP 26

The Amazon is in great danger from dehydration and dieback. It’s a self-reinforcing, exponential process. It is very likely that within a few decades parts the size of several European countries will dry up and burn. This will release enormous amounts of CO2 that are not included in the models of the IPCC.

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Day 361: Biodiversity and Bio Regional Regeneration

Day 361: Biodiversity and Bio Regional Regeneration

Climate activists across a range of perspectives, cultures and organizations will come together to express their concerns about government inaction, their plans for climate justice and their aspirations for a world aligned with natural systems.

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Day 362: What is Next for Climate Action?

Day 362: What is Next for Climate Action?
This Webinar event will present an innovative research project called “The Earth Charter Index: Measuring the Contributions of Countries to Planetary Well-being,” for which a pilot project has already been developed. It is envisioned that this instrument will enable leaders, policymakers, and citizens to visualize how much their country contributes to keeping the planet habitable and thriving.

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