Dear Earth, Dear Earth, let me tell you how I feel.

You have given me such treasure. I love you so.

The above refrain is a simple Taizé song that awakens my growing edges. Because it honours my relationship to the Earth that birthed all Life, including me, it opens my heart to Love.

In the last year 2021 I have had some powerful experiences with heart openings that connected me more deeply to the Divine.

We set as a goal for 2021 to create Schooling for a Planet of Integral Cities. We accomplished through the delivery of key teachings:

We also heard directly from Gaia through three significant venues:

Following through on the intention to create Schooling for a Planet of Integral Cities, these 2021 contributions have built a significant and hopefully generative base for the Schooling to Continue via City Regeneration Hubs, through the gateways we have opened in conferences, associations and spheres of influence around the globe.