What happens when you accept the invitation to join the Science and Consciousness Conference, November 14-18, 2021, convened by Ubiquity University’s Chief Innovation Officer, Peter Merry and  hosted at Broughton Hall Estate, the home for 1000 years (yes one thousand) of the family of Roger Tempest?

Stage 1: Introduction

At Stage 1 I introduced myself as being interested in the Human Hive Mind.

Then along with a group of about 40 souls we are taken back to the future when we entered the blissful serenity of the futurisitic glass Sanctuary just a short walk through lovingly landscaped grounds of the Broughton estate home, which displays an impressive art collection in every room from library to great room, reflecting the history of England and the UK.

These two buildings were the meeting venues of much of our Science and Consciousness experience. But as impressive as these time-spanning structures were, they were not the most provocative locations of the conference. That was reserved for the WYRD Experience Lab – located in a re-purposed out-building. WYRD is a transplanted lab from Princeton University – where Dr. Bob Jahn and his colleague Dr. Brenda Dunne operated the PEAR program – Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research. PEAR has been lovingly relocated – including comfy sofa, pear art, nostalgic photo album and all the strange and exotic equipment – from the storage container that captured the artefacts of their research journey, after Bob and Brenda retired in 2007.

The new WYRD Experience lab is a time capsule that has been re-opened to revive old learning and gain new opportunities to build on the discoveries – or anomalies that emerged during PEAR’s contentious operation at the heart of Princeton’s Engineering Department. So dedicated were Bob and Brenda to researching the evidence of “spooky effects at a distance” that they quietly defied the disdain of both the Department and the University. They worked (creatively) around the constraints that prevented them (within the confines of an Engineering Department and a university dedicated to strictly empirical research) from naming participants as “subjects, co-researchers or students” or their work as “research”. Luckily they had funders who supported their pursuits into the curious worlds of consciousness and quantum mechanics.

Like good engineers they invented equipment to measure their data. They kept meticulous records and dutifully reported to unappreciative conference audiences.

And despite the negative vibrations that surrounded them the PEAR lab produced results that attracted the interest of investigative journalist, Lynne McTaggart. Lynne wrote about the discoveries of PEAR in her best-selling book “The Field” and has gone on to inquire into related arenas, with the publication of “The Intention Experiment” and “The Power of Eight”.

Lynne McTaggart was the penultimate speaker at the 2021 Science and Consciousness Conference, where she reminisced about her first encounters with the equipment now housed in the Broughton WYRD Lab (click here to read Lynne’s blog on this). She was one of the first authors to write about the REG – the Random Event Generator – equipment that could track the emergence of coherence in the field of consciousness where it is situated. One of the original REGs was sitting in the WYRD lab – about the size of a bread box – still capable of emitting a stream of random numbers as events unfold it its location and tracking any patterns that emerge from changes to consciousness in the field.

The theory is that humans (as do all living beings) emit energy waves that can be measured. Most of us are now familiar with the capacity of fMRI machines to measure the energy consciousness as brain wave frequencies that track our states of waking, sleeping, dreaming, deep dreaming – alpha, beta, delta, theta waves. Much brain entrainment equipment can replicate these frequencies and assist users to improve performance of everything from meditation to competitive sports.

But the PEAR REGs were not set to a specific frequency, rather they were measuring the random frequencies generated by the machine in the midst of groups of people over time. And they discovered an interesting phenomenon; namely, that when groups (especially large groups) of people experienced the same event, the REG would record patterns of coherence that seemed to indicate that people were attuning or aligning into a common frequency. Coherence patterns were registered especially at global scale events – like sports finals, cultural sharings and breaking news like Princess Diana’s death.  (To test the pervasiveness of this another PEAR colleague Roger Nelson installed REG’s around the world and received global readings of consciousness frequencies , not unlike tracking seismic waves in the earth’s mantel.)

The WYRD Lab now contains examples of other equipment designed to test consciousness – like the Frog Sphere that can be controlled by individuals or a group around the table top on which it sits, focussing attention to direct its path. Another wall-sized pinball machine – affectionately named Murphy – could use pinballs to register random (bell-curved) patterns vs intentional controls that shape the patterns. Other variations included equipment that used flashing light or flowing water to demonstrate how thought aka consciousness can impact energy flow in material objects and energy fields.

While the conference attendees were mesmerized by the nostalgia of the re-created transplanted PEAR Lab, they were riveted when Peter Merry, the Ubiquity University Conference Convenor, revealed that the REG had been running with our group in the room during the first morning. That was an especially auspicious opening to the conference because Peter as Chief Innovation Officer of Ubiquity University bestowed on Brenda an Honorary Doctorate. We were all unanimous in our appreciation and Brenda was speechless – but delighted. And the REG recorded our mutual enjoyment by showing coherence developing during the ceremony and peaking at the moment of the surprise bestowment of Certificate, Cap and Applause.

Since none of us knew this frequency tracking was happening in the background we were impressed and movitivated to move into the next stage of the conference.

Stage 2: Try REG

In Stage 2, we were all given a chance to try out the REG as software downloaded on laptop computers. Choosing partners we did not know well, we practised coming into coherence by attempting to change the direction of the Random Generator. What seemed to work well, was a relaxed relationship, an agreed goal/direction and good humour in the trials.

Some of us (like me) experimented with the impact of other frequency modulators – like Q Link, Meditation Entrainment Music/Sound, Super-Coherence Frequency Generators – and had enough indications that indeed the frequency environments impacted each other.

Stage 3: Remote Viewing

Another opportunity we could participate in was remote viewing. We paired up (in my case with my travel buddy, Rachel Olson, Findhorn Foundation Philanthropy Director). One of us was sent off to the forest to immerse ourselves in Nature and select an object that we would relate to through all our senses in a caring and wholistic way. As Sender(s)  we “sent or projected” the image to our Receiver(s) back in the Sanctuary. The Receiver drew the pattern of what they sensed they were receiving.

Then we re-united and compared notes. In my case, travel buddy Rachel Olson correctly received the patterns of a tall (maple?) tree, embraced with moss, growing beside a path.

Other Sender/Receiver teams had similar experiences of positive resonance and we were both entertained and delighted with this third way of remotely connecting.

A bonus of this experience was learning from our Forest Bathing Guide (and later Roger Tempest) that Broughton intends to create a Forest School in the near future. (As Integral City Intern, Patrizzia Rocha is learning in that direction, we planted a seed that we hope can sprout into service to such a Forest School.)

Stage 4: Research: DMT, Virtual Reality, Bees

The next stage of science and consciousness experience came from a lecture by Dr. David Luke, curator of the book DMT Dialogues. I was intrigued to meet David, as I had downloaded the DMT e-book when it had been published 2 years ago.

Many of the authors of the book had direct experience with DMT – an element that is a primary active ingredient in many substances used to alter consciousness (like mushrooms, ayahuasca, lsd, etc.). Intriguingly our own bodies produce DMT so it seems a matter of amplifying it and opening to the journeys that unfold  (often guided over millennia by Shamans).

Another completely different technology that we sampled came from the VR experience created by another contributor. We were able to don VR goggles and be guided as we travelled through a world imagined as an Oracle card deck – setting an intention that influenced the choices we were offered to select paths that opened to us in Virtual Reality.

Ironically I set an intention to serve the consciousness of the Human Hive Mind and when I left the VR room, I literally opened the door onto a cluster of researchers from oREGanO studying Bees in Austria. They had been curious about what a REG might reflect if placed in a swarm of bees.

I shared with them some of my many learnings from Bees and how I had developed for Integral City the 4 Voices of the Human Hive. They accepted my suggestion that I join their transdisciplinary, transnational team, to visit Findhorn (where I live) and learn with and about the life in our beehives.

Stage 5: Practices

Throughout the conference, every morning we were guided in a meditation to quiet our (over?) stimulated minds. We were guided by Paris Akrill (co-founder with partner Roger Tempest of the Broughton Transformation Sanctuary) through attunements to her singing bowls.

Nishad Dubashia lead us through a meditation inspired by David Bohm and Krishnamurti (which he also shared as a longer presentation exploring his book “Unity of Everything”.

And Peter Merry guided us through a series of beautiful but practical practices and technologies that opened us to Involution, Evolution and Volution – waking, energizing, cleansing and wholing our beings.

As a counterpoint to the mornings, we experimented in the evenings with Systemic Constellation Work (to explore how triads could connect to consciousness shared and expanding) and standing in David Beatty’s energy spheres. Another opportunity lead us through a whole exhibition of Spirit inspired artworks.

And on the last evening we experienced the Fire Temple, where we gathered for singing and drumming and hot drinks in the frosty air. It was a magical time of collective rhythm, bright stars and literally a full moon. We all took turns being called into the inner circle of drummers and dancers.

As a final moving meditation on the last morning, Calen Rayne shared the intricate research he has conducted on his own journey as a Shaman (which he shares through courses with Ubiquity University/Wisdom School). He then lead us outdoors to the Broughton Power Point where lies the labyrinth he attuned from and into the land (listening to the stones themselves locate their order in the spiral of the labyrinth).

So What?

I share the details of our amazing 4 day experience so readers can appreciate the fullness and variety of our experience. (For Gina Lazenby’s sharing of her experience check her blog here.)

And now that I am literally one month into the future beyond that time together, I have paused long enough to glean what this might mean to the understanding of the Human Hive Mind in the Integral City?

  • Certainly the processes that we experienced at the conference were Integral in their design – tapping into the 4 quadrants of I/We/It/Its. Shifting through the complexities of Ego/Ethno/World/Cosmas. Exploring the roles of Giving and Receiving. Dancing in a meshwork of self-organizing creativity and structuring patterns. Living, working, playing, relating simply and mindfully.
  • I ask, “If we can control consciousness how can we map it with the Integral City 5 Maps. How do we improve our capacity for leading the 4 Voices of the City?”
  • As I practise the Islands of Calm Meditation with Subtle Activism every Saturday morning at Findhorn – how could I literally track with the REG the influence each of us might be having on 1000 others?
  • And for Findhorn who would like to track the change in Consciousness that arises from guests studying in situ or at distance (online) how can we borrow what the REGs teach us and have been adapted by Institue of Noetic Sciences (IONS) to measure the impact of their programs? Or by Heartmath Institute to invite in the global practice of attuning our frequencies to the Earth’s own frequency?
  • How will becoming conscious of our frequency show humans how we impact, influence and improve the Earth that we recognize as our Mother? How can attunement become something more than wishful hope but be recognized (like Mindfulness is now) as a practise of coherence and wellbeing?
  • I think that organizations like Integral City and Findhorn Foundation could use these metrics generated by REG  to provide the evidence of our impact on people, place and planet -giving us feedback as we live the Master Code of Care. All these scales of life are impacted by collective consciousness – that is WYRD and Wonderful.
  • I also think this opens us up to a whole new taxonomy of epistemologies and invites us to research into other ways of knowing like Systemic Constellation Work – (and The Hague Centres’ Institute for Field Research into the Knowing Field – represented at the conference by Drs. Anne-Marie Voorhoeve.)

Now What?

So with those What’s and So What’s before us, our next step in Action Learning is to ask Now What?

  • For Integral City we will keep focused on the questions we have about revealing the Human Hive Mind. We will join THC and further the research into the Knowing Field as the Source of Consciousness.

  • We will also continue to explore the implications with Nishad Dubashia and Peter Merry about new insights into the Diamond Model, explained in his book “The Unity of Everything”, based on David Bohm’s and Krishnamurti’s insights.

  • At Findhorn EcoVilllage I will report back on the implications of the conference. I will encourage them to join with Ubiquity University and locate research projects here in Findhorn Ecovillage / Foundation for the research into the  design and impact of amplifying conscious awareness, for the individual and collective.

  • And of course I will follow up on bringing the research on the Bees here to Findhorn Ecovillage.

Together our many investigations into Epistemologies of consciousness may change the very Ontology that they reveal.


Photos by: Mark Rogers, Adrian Iacobus, Marilyn Hamilton

Integral City

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