3. Meshworker of the Year 2021: Jim Garrison, Humanity Rising

Read the full story of Meshworker of the Year 2021 here.

4. Blogs

Conference Papers, Lectures, Notes, Interviews, Courses

Global First Responders towards Regenerative Actions

Doughnut Economics and Integral City

Climate Change: COP 26

Schooling for a Planet of Integral Cities

What future might look like

Findhorn & Global Ecovillage Network (GEN)

Cities Rising for a Regenerative World: Humanity Rising

Integral City Maps in Action

Evolution of Gaia’s Human Hives

5. Guest Blogs and Publishing

6. Videos

YouTube Channel: IntegralCity Ecoregion

  1. Dr. Tom Henfrey Interviews Dr. Marilyn Hamilton for UrbanA Research
  2. Dr. Sheeba Chander Interviews Dr. Marilyn Hamilton re Ecocity World Summit plans
  3. Watch 2 Green Manifestos delivered by Oleg Lega and Marilyn Hamilton at Amsterdam’s 2019 WeMakethe.City Festival