As we celebrate March Equinox 2022, let us be grateful for the values evolved by Gaia – for, through and as – her Reflective Organs.  May this Manifesto of Peace honour the universal values of All Life @ *PPPP= Person, People, Place, Planet. 

In Gratitude may we Celebrate the Master Code of Care as we fulfil our Commitments: 

  • to protect our individual needs for physical and spiritual safety and survival; and prevent harm to all individuals so that we may serve all of *PPPP.
  • to honour the traditions and heritage of the elders and each group of persons so long as they do not threaten the health of *PPPP.
  • to defend the freedom of each individual to express their agency, development and creativity without infringing on the freedom of others to express their agency, development and creativity so that we may serve all of *PPPP.
  •  to respect the value of order without imposing restrictions that harm individuals or groups; and honour the need for order that serves the entire system of *PPPP.
  •  to promote the success of persons; to publicly recognize the origination/originator of ideas, products and services; to be accountable for the integral and fair exchange of products, services and ideas as long as resources do not accumulate for the benefit of a few interests, organizations and/or levels of development, at the expense of (or while depriving resources to) *PPPP.
  •  to accept the dignity of groups; to ensure fair opportunity for all persons to pursue happiness as long as no individual or group is prevented from doing likewise; to not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, gender, creed and not to favour any group at the expense of another group as long as such action ensures the health of *PPPP.
  •  to facilitate the integral flex and flow of energy across all aspects of the Gaia’s ecosystems; to unblock the barriers to the emergence of new ways of thinking, doing, being as long as they respect the health of all life; to mesh the elegance of natural patterns, processes and structures across *PPPP.
  •  to value the geo/bio/noetic capacities of the planet; to respect the integral ecology of *PPPP; to co-emerge the evolutionary intelligence of Life inherent in *PPPP.