I need a new language to describe what I see going on in the world.

Russia is making so-called “non-war” on Ukraine. Ukraine is defending itself from physical military attack and at the same time it is being accused of acting as the instigator of genocide and aggressive action (a fake story from the Russians).

The rest of the world, stands by, runs by, screams by, stunned by confusion – frozen, fleeing, or fighting back.

What are the weapons being used? Real ones that destroy lives as innocent as children in a hospital and bomb nuclear installations that get the attention of all who witness in horror.

Psychological ones that play with truths, known, unknown and hidden like Johari windows that shutter and open.

Sanctions that cut off the economic flow of revenues to Russia as well as put a tourniquet on the flow of Russian energy to Europe and America.

I need a new language that goes beyond war, rumours of war and reportings of war.

I seek something that makes sense from the overview I discern from a cosmo-local perspective. If I think cosmically, feel globally and act locally, what are the words that describe my expressions from head, heart, hara, hands?

I go back to words that I have used before in editorials, articles and chapters. Where I have explored the dilemmas of power – over, with, as. Power As” seems to have regressed or even disappeared from accepting that humans are Gaia’s Reflective Organs. Even on a clear day we don’t seem to be able anymore to sense as one global organism – even honouring our organs (I call those cities) and organelles (I see them as organizations) and cells (I look at our individual contributions).

Our “Power With” reaches out impulsively as nations to align with one another to punish this act of war with economic sanctions that hurt the sanctioners as much as the sanctioned. The ultimate result may be that we all decline or even die together. Because we haven’t the words to communicate not just what we disagree with – but what we on all sides are blind to.

As blind people striking out against so many threats, we are all now experiencing the “Power Over” that has held our species in thrall for thousands of years. In our traumatized states, we seem to be frozen and speechless, fleeing and denying our response-ability or fighting with bodies and weapons that can destroy our beloved planet as we know it.

I need a new language to express my outrage that these predicaments seem to have been intentionally timed just as the covid pandemic was moving into late stages and just after the Olympics concluded. Moreover the headlines that language so many readers’ reactions displace the real threat that we are called to stand up to – framed by the frustrations of inaction at COP26 and the March 2022 IPCC report that ought to be directing us to restore and regenerate the climate damage that is a greater threat to human life than any war (of which approximately 251 are being fought at this time on Earth).

I need a new language to describe the cycles of human development embedded in our evolutionary path. It used to be that the language of our parents and our ancestors was sufficient to the landscape in which we lived. But so many of those languages are now supplanted by the global languages of commerce, social media, science and diplomacy – usually in English. This language that is so often not aware of embedded injustices, prejudices, biases and colonizations.

I need a new language that reflects my agency, creativity, connectivity, love of life.

I need a new language that honours our cultures, ancestors, foods, oneness with all life.

I need a new language that borrows not just the metaphor of the living mycelium in the soil that reveals the fundamental interconnectivity of all life but that radiates meaning from the very codes of life itself.

I need a new language that enables me to let go of the mylenated connections in my brain that no longer serve a scaffold of learning that served a world that no longer exists.

I need a new language that lets me un-learn as fast as I can ex-change my perspectives, widen my relationships and deepen my commitments.

I need a new language that gives me the comfort of unfolding in cycles of never-ending quests. I need a new language that lets me communicate with others in the same stages of birth, maturity, letting go and reforming into new patterns.

I need a new language that gives me courage to be with others in the not-knowing. I need a new language that sparks through my blindness so I can see a glimmer of light. I need a new language that invites others to share their doubts, their (un)certainties, their willingness to be together as everything is breaking apart.

I need a new language that isn’t confused by the seasons of life. But glories in the awe of the nurturing of seeds, caring of mothers, coaching of fathers, guiding of elders, embracing of community and connecting of ecosystems.

I need a new language that infects the speaker and listener with Love. I need a new language that spreads Peace. I need a new language that potentiates Unity.

I need a new language to pattern a new language for the next unfolding of a truly regenerative Life – alive with Beauty, Truth and Goodness.