Designing a Peace Room for Integral Cities of Peace

Barbara Marx Hubbard used to imagine a Peace Room (instead of war room) where we could overview the emergence of Peace.

Here is how Living Cities::Earth could develop a possible design.

An energy field for recovering a broken City growing the potential for an Integral City as one of Gaia’s Reflective Organs of Peace can be mapped to support the capacities for the Master Code of Care as shown in Figure 3. 

Figure 3: Integral City 5 Maps

Living Cities::Earth would create the life conditions for mapping Integral City Vital Signs Monitors using like this:

  • Individual Performance (Map 1)
  • Collective Coordination, Cooperation, Collaboration (Map 2)
  • Placecaring and Placemaking (Map 3)
  • Planetary/Global Participation. (Map 4)

The Goal of a City of Peace is to Mirror this process for living every day – not just as performance, but as Evolutionary/Involutionary Principles in Practice. (Map 5)

The City as Gaia’s Organ of Peace is an evolutionary impulse from and for Gaia. Living Cities::Earth has the frameworks, tools, practices and skills to design it. We must call forth the will to Placecare and Placemake all Cities of Peace as Living Cities legacy for Earth’s future generations.

For this purpose we offer this curriculum for Peace as a Manifesto of Peace

Manifesto of Living Peace.    Click to continue to next section.

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Manifesto of Living Peace: for Gaia’s Reflective Organs


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