When one is on the road to proposing how to reinvent the city, it is not a usual approach to invite in the angels. But sometimes a teacher, disguised as a student turns up in your class (e.g. Sue Cooper in Integral City’s “Beyond Resilient” course – who is clearly on mission – through Moments of Mass Mindfulness to make introductions that matter – or is that energize? – or in-form?).

Integral City clearly has Maps of its wholistic, organic, evolutionary spiritual reframings – which clearly includes Map 5 of Spirituality. We are used to pointing to the Involutionary path of Source Energy into the city, manifesting into the gross realm of Beauty, Truth and Goodness. And we are used to talking about the Evolutionary path of consciousness as it emerges in the gross realm of Beauty, Truth and Goodness manifest in Earth and all her life.

But we don’t often have occasion to share the wonders of the Subtle Realms that exist as gateways, bridges and AQtivators between the Gross Realm and Causal/Non-Dual Realms.

Meeting the Archeons

However, in the middle of July 2022 we were introduced by Alison Knox to the Beings she has come to know as the Archeons. Alison shared a guided meditation that introduced us to each Archeon as she has come to know them by painting them as personally instructed by each angel.

This constellation of Archeons include:

  • Archeon Metatron
  • Archeon Azrael
  • Archeon Michael
  • Archeon Raphael
  • Archeon Gabriel
  • Archeon Uriel

A seventh Being has recently come forward – namely, Melchizedek.

Their Messages can be read at this website archeaons.com … click on The Messages.

Alison Knox considers herself the channel of the Archeons (and Melchizedek) – anointed and employed by them to offer their power to Earth and humans at this time.

For a while now, I have been emoting that the perils and challenges we face on Earth (through human’s own unwise actions) will require help from the Subtle Realms who share this planet with us.

The Lorians have introduced me to the Sidhe– who partner me daily. Swan Treasure has introduced me to the Findhorn Spirits. The Founders of Findhorn Foundation have long invoked the powers of the Subtle Reams through Angels (of Findhorn), the Landscape Angels (Gaia’s Local Representatives) and the co-creators of the Transformation Game have offered their Constellation of Angels.

So I am realizing that multiple rituals abound and the Archeons are stepping forward to offer their guidance.

I have thanked Alison for her courage and power in revealing the Archeons to the world (including now me). Now I ask, “How can I take counsel and courage to invite the Archeons into the worlds of Integral City and Living Cities Earth?” Is it time to take courage to open the Book of Esoterica for Integral City / Living City empowerment? To go beyond city planning and managing into the Imaginaries of Spirit, Energy and Field Realms?

Perhaps the invitation started with our imagining the Novellas? Opening to possibilities grounded in Earth realities but not limited by human material constraints?