August 2022 seems such a long way from August 2020 – 2 years since the first summer pandemic lockdown in Scotland (and most other places in the world). Where were you when you realized that you could only associate with the people in your household and when outside the home you were required to wear a mask and distance yourself 2 meters??!!

How could The Park Ecovillage Findhorn survive the severance of our economic life – namely the loss of guests attending Findhorn Foundation and all the secondary and tertiary activities and revenues that enabled in the wider community. We were faced with closed B&B’s. Closed Phoenix Café. Closed businesses. Closed cultural activities of all kinds – no singing, no dancing, no film, no theatre.

And how were we supposed to spread the updates about the pandemic when we were being kept isolated by design?

Now that the world is opening up again, I wanted to honour two Cultural Creator-Animateurs who brought aliveness, music and imagination to create whole new worlds of possibility and manifested Evolutionary Spiritual Intelligence of great depth.

In the following two blogs – meet David Robinson, Taizé Zoom Choir Master and Laura Pasetti, Animateur of 7 Directions Theatre. They made my pandemic experience not only endurable but invented whole new cultural experiences that demonstrated PlaceCaring of the highest order.

Follow the blog links and read the articles, connect to the personal interviews, access the transcripts … I invite you to celebrate with me the adaptability, resilience and creativity of David and Laura.