Laura Pasetti’s second initiative invited a multitude of artists in The Park Ecovillage Findhorn (TPE Findhorn) to install themselves in cosy community nooks for a series of 3 minute performances.

The covid/lockdown restrictions impacted artists of all kinds because they could not access their usual means of public engagement – galleries, theatres, restaurants and other venues were closed. Indefatigable Laura turned these restrictions inside out – inventing audience engagement by having them move from one Performance Art Installation to another.

We donated “hunt” fees, received a map of TPE Findhorn – and keeping our prescribed physical distance from one another and the artists we had an afternoon of joie de vivre. I viewed a teen poet performing by the reflective ball outside the Moray Art Centre. I listened to a violinist perform in someone’s accessible conservatory. I watched a family hearth form around an open fire while we heard ghost stories. I wandered over to the children’s playground and enjoyed a mini performance of a child’s nursery rhyme. I strolled into the Original Garden and found a player in full costume from an era long ago, emote Shakespeare in stentorian tones. I sat with a friend and closed my eyes while she recited Mary Oliver’s poem of Wild Geese (while real wild geese honked on Findhorn Bay).

The popularity of the first Artist Hunt guaranteed several return performances before lockdown was lifted. What is thoroughly delightful is that they continue into the present despite the reopening of our traditional artist venues – because hunting for art engaged the audiences not only with the creators and creative impulse – but they created conditions where the audience has as much fun interacting with themselves as they did the artists.

Catching a glimpse of someone you haven’t seen because of lockdown isolation gave us unexpected thrills of recognition – and the opportunity to have conversations in the outdoors encouraged us all to appreciate and care for our neighbours in ways we might not have valued before.

Laura created the conditions where art, artists and audience melded together in new interdisciplinary mixtures, new venues/locations, new sequences/performance times and new connections/synergies.

This short blog series tells the story of how Laura Pasetti’s eco-theatre enlivened the dark days of the pandemic at The Park Ecovillage Findhorn. The series includes:

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