Early in the lockdown, leaders in the community realized that we needed a Volunteer Action Group (VAG) to keep in touch so that we knew people were okay behind their closed doors. Quickly VAG conversations imagined a “modern” version of the Town Crier.

Laura Pasetti, TPE Findhorn’s very own animateur of EcoTheatre literally jumped on her bicycle, added a top hat and unfurled a script. Then she pedalled around to 11 neighbourhoods with the key news that everyone needed to know. But although covid updates were urgent and important, perhaps the most vital spoken words were Laura’s tag line for the Town Criers: “Allow yourself to be infected by Love!!”

What started as Laura’s singular performance, soon became a rotating trio (with Annie Crawford and Roy Miles alternating as Laura’s companion performers) presenting on twice weekly rounds Tuesdays and Fridays. (If you can do the math – this group managed 11x2x 10 minutes = 220 minutes of performances per week!!)

These performances arrived at their 11 “EcoTheatre stages” in a variety of versions over the next year plus (eventually shifting to Fridays only). They spawned such audience devotion that certain neighbourhoods created Friday night gatherings that continue to this day (especially at the Barrels and Soilse).

This short blog series tells the story of how Laura Pasetti’s eco-theatre enlivened the dark days of the pandemic at The Park Ecovillage Findhorn. The series includes:

Extra Resources: 

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